Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge Review

The perfect wedge for those who struggle around the greens!

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Tue, 22 Sep 2020
Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge Review

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Extremely forgiving, easy to hit, offers a lot more spin than expected, versatile
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PRICE: £119.00 YEAR: from 2020

Short game is a difficult part of golf to master and it can be extremely frustrating when a lack of consistency is costing you multiple shots every round, but maybe there is a wedge that can help...

According to Callaway, the new Mack Daddy CB wedge is built to take the guess work out of your short game with enhanced forgiveness, control, and tons of spin for more consistency around the green.

Watch the video below as GolfMagic's Alex Lodge puts the Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge to the test to see just how it performs.


The new Mack Daddy CB Wedge is built to take the guess work out of your short game with enhanced forgiveness, control, and tons of spin for more consistency around the green. This cavity back, game-improvement option is designed for precise shots even when you don’t make perfect contact, and it helps create a smooth transition from your irons to your wedges. With player friendly shaping, JAWS grooves and premium components, the Mack Daddy CB is your short game partner in the scoring zone.

Seamless transition from Cavity Back Irons: The Mack Daddy CB helps you seamlessly blend game-improvement irons and wedges into your set. With a deep cavity back, slightly larger head and thicker topline, you’ll have the confidence of an iron with the control of a wedge.

Player friendly sole grinds: The Mack Daddy CB features two sole grinds, both engineered to promote consistency. In the lower lofts, a full sole provides iron-like turf interaction with moderate bounce. In the mid and higher lofts, a modified W Grind enhances bounce to add forgiveness out of bunkers and thick rough. The modified W Grind is designed with a low leading edge if you need to open the face.

Aggressive spin and enhanced control: Our proprietary JAWS groove provides precise edge sharpness on every groove for maximum grip and spin from all types of lies. On the sand wedge and lob wedge, the JAWS groove extends across the face to provide spin no matter where you hit it.


One of the biggests surprises with the Mack Daddy CB wedge was the amount of spin it generated. For a wedge built for higher-handicap golfers with tons of forgiveness and a thick cavity back shape, spin is something that you would typically have to sacrifice, but the Mack Daddy CB 52 degree produced a phenomenal amount of spin, especially from full distance shots.

From a closer distance at around 30-yards, the 52 degree Mack Daddy CB wedge still performed really well. It felt like a very versatile wedge and again the spin was incredible, especially for one packed with forgiveness.

For higher-handicap players this wedge is ideal as the transition from iron to wedge feels far more comfortable and you are filled with confidence before even making a swing.

The Mack Daddy CB lob wedge is another great addition for higher-handicap players as similarly to the 52 degree it feels very versatile and the grooves cover the entirety of the face, meaning that you can still hit a few poor strikes and end up with some pretty good results.

Overall, this wedge ticks a lot of boxes for not only high-handicap golfers, but also the lower players who are just looking for a versatile wedge that still offers tons of spin. Make sure you watch the video above to find out everything you need to know about the Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge.

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