Chev Mulligan shoe review

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Tue, 7 Jun 2016
Chev Mulligan shoe review

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Comfy, lots of grip, relatively cheap
Chunky appearance
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PRICE: £59.99 YEAR: from 2016

Callaway’s latest shoe range hopes to offer a product for every golfer. There is a variety of styles, coming in at either ends of the price spectrum.


The brand enjoyed a 50% growth in European footwear sales in 2015, and it seems this year will be another success for the golfing giants.




We were sent the green and white version, which was on the loud side for our tastes, but many I showed the shoe to enjoyed the colour scheme. The product is also available in all black, or black and white, which will suit those that prefer a more traditional design.


The overall aesthetic of the shoe is that of a premium product, and the Callaway branding compliments the overall design.




Golfers will feel like they’re walking on clouds strutting down the fairway, such is the comfort provided by the Callaway Chev Mulligan.


Despite being only £59.99, vastly below the price of some leading footwear on the market, this product is one of the comfiest shoes available in 2016 so far.


There is a substantial amount of padding implemented into the shoe, particularly in the mid and back section.


This does create a relatively chunky shoe, compared to many other shoes that have come out his year, many of which are tending to be more streamlined and sporty in their design. 


In car terms, these are more 4x4, rather than sports car.


The traction on offer is also superb, thanks to Force Flex Control channels and Xfer Dual Power Walls which keep your feet centred and stable, in conjunction with the Big Bertha Power Cleat, which has one side longer than the sider to enhance power.


On both dry and rainy days, we experience no slipping or loss of traction through the stroke.


Straight out of the box the shoes were ready to go, and after wearing them for two rounds, they were showing little signs of wear.




The Callaway Chev Mulligan is supremely comfy, and offers heaps of traction. It’s a relatively chunky golf shoe, but we soon got used to this.

At just £59.99, golfers are getting a first class shoe at a second class price.


Head to the Callaway website for more information.

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