RocketBallz Tour

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 5 Apr 2012
RocketBallz Tour

Need To Know

Flight Control Technology, speed-enhancing aerodynamics, Inverted Cone clubface technology, lightweight Matrix shaft, deep face
Not the best sounding driver
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PRICE: £329.00 YEAR: from 2012

It’s not just the name that gives this stunning white-headed TaylorMade driver its claim to fame.

RocketBallz, the new word in the golf dictionary for 2012, was born after TaylorMade staffer Dustin Johnson described the ball’s explosive release as ‘like a rocket’.

Not half, DJ.

The RBZ’s stand-out feature is its Flight Control Technology, which makes the ball do just about anything you want. FCT enables you to change the club to one of eight settings, to alter the face angle and loft in small or large increments.

Inverted Cone Clubface Technology promoted me with plenty of speed as well as distance on off-centre hits and the club’s thick-thin crown design creates lower CG for higher launch trajectory and improved distance.

The RBZ Tour driver possesses an aerodynamic head design where 300 grams of weight have been removed and this allowed me to generate plenty of clubhead speed, especially with the club’s lightweight Matrix shaft and grip.

TaylorMade has also shortened the length of the shaft in the RBZ by removing half an inch to help promote accuracy.

While I wasn’t overly keen on the noise at impact, the results more than made amends. The ball felt solid off the deep face and presented me with a penetrating ball flight. 

RocketBallz Tour comes in 9 and 10.5-degree versions in a Matrix XCON 6 graphite shaft.


The RocketBallz driver is a great investment. It is probably best for the golfer that has already developed consistency in shots as this player can then take full advantage of an increase in distance.

To make the most of your RocketBallz driver, I would certainly recommend making sure you get hold of the correct shaft and launch angles.