Tight Lies fairway wood

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 22 Aug 2013

Tight Lies fairway wood
The new Tight Lies feels every bit like a hybrid but with 3-wood distance

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Higher launch angle and higher spin rate than average 3-wood; Velocity Slot Technology helps get airborne; Matte black finish
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PRICE: £150.00 YEAR: from 2013

I think I'd just about finished crawling around in my dipper when Adams Golf released its original Tight Lies fairway wood.

Today, having tested the brand-spanking new Adams Golf Tight Lies fairway wood for myself, I’m pleased to say I’ve found my own little baby.

When Adams first launched its Tight Lies fairway, the designers got to work on a distinct shape and performance that was designed to sit low to the ground and launch high and far.

The new Adams Tight Lies features many of the same technical elements but this time with the addition of the award-winning Velocity Slot Technology, which we've admired greatly here at Golfmagic Towers this season a series of club tests featuring Adams woods.

Cut-Thru Slots in the sole and the crown of the clubhead provide maximum face deflection, promoting a higher ball speeds while also providing increased forgiveness across the face. Adams says that, thanks to the Cut-Thru Slots, the new Tight Lies is twice as hot as the original.

Not half.

Testing the Tight Lies in a 16-degree version with Bassara Eagle S shaft, I struck ten balls off a tee peg and recorded average hits of 214 yards carry and 235 yards distance. This baby absolutely flies off the face, all on a desired high trajectory with solid spin rate of around the mid 3,000s.

Off the deck, or should I say a tight lie, and it performs every bit like a hybrid. To be able to hit the ball like a hybrid but with fairway wood distance is ideal.

I recorded average hits of 209 yards carry and 228 yards distance. Ball flight was a little bit lower than off the tee peg but that was understandable given my usual low ball flight.

In terms of looks, the Cut-Thru Slot in the front of the crown is by no mean off-putting. In fact, I found it's a great alignment aid to square up to the ball. I also love the matte black finish, particularly for reducing glare in the sun.

The iconic low-profile, upside-down design, as found in the original model, provides an extremely low centre of gravity, below the CG of the ball.

I find this makes it much easier to get the ball airborne with greater control and consistency than I often find with other fairway woods out there. The height of the clubface is also 19% lower than the average fairway wood.

Another nice touch to the shape is the unique Tri-Sole Design, which is crafted to make the Tight Lies playable from almost any lie on the course.

And those of you old enough to remember those white, half stripes on the shaft will be pleased to know they feature on the new model.


The new Tight Lies feels every bit like a hybrid but with 3-wood distance. That has to feel like some sort of advantage. Adams Golf's innovative Cut-Thru design allows the Tight Lies to have a characteristic time of 220, which is twice as high as the originals.

Despite the fact the Tight Lies is higher spinning than Adams’ larger, deeper-faced Super S and LS fairway woods, and has a slightly lower CT, I believe many golfers will hit this club further than those fairways because of the increased carry and consistency.

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