FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review

Alex from GolfMagic assessed the performance of the FootJoy Fuel golf shoes which represent an athletic and modern look packed with technology.

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Matt Chivers
Sat, 23 Jul 2022
FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review

Need To Know

- The FootJoy Fuel golf shoes are an athletic, modern option which provide comfort and stability in all conditions.
- At £199.95, the FootJoy Fuel golf shoes could be too expensive for some golfers.
Our score:
PRICE: £199.95 YEAR: from 2022

The FootJoy Fuel golf shoe is certainly one of the best golf shoes of the year and it is our favourite FootJoy release of the last few seasons.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge tested and assessed the performance of this new sporty shoe which is complete with new aesthetics which the popular company has nailed.

The FootJoy Fuel shoe is a vibrant option for every golfer looking for comfort, but maybe more for young players who want a sporty and modern look on the golf course.

This release is packed with technology which contributes to the look and Alex included it as part of our top five shoes of the year earlier in 2022. 

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What are the FootJoy Fuel golf shoes all about?

This player's shoe comes with a streamlined waterproof synthetic upper. It also comes with an exaggerated platform which creates a modern and athletic silhouette.

The shoe comes with a one-year waterproof guarantee. The FootJoy Fuel is a durable shoe and stylish shoe which will perform in any sort of weather conditions.

The spikeless sole comes with a Stability Bridge to help you maintain composure in your swing and and enhanced grip is given by a Pro SL-inspired sole.

Despite being a white shoe, Alex reports that mud and dirt comes off the shoe easily. This adds to the quality of the fabric and aesthetic strength of the product.

The FootJoy Fuel golf shoe represents a modern development in the brand's shoe ranges. The Pro S|L and the Premiere models are past editions which have more traditional designs.

As they are spikeless shoes, Alex commented on the comfort of this product and it is largely aimed at young golfers who want a fresh look on the golf course.

The Verdict

The FootJoy Fuel could definitely be classed as the most impressive shoe of 2022. The enhanced grip, streamlined waterproof synthetic upper and Stability Bridge all contribute to the superb design.

Alex was very pleased with the look of the shoe and how easy it was to remove mud and dirt from such a white and clear model. This makes it of great appeal to every golfer, regardless of age and ability.

It is a sporty and athletic shoe and this is down to its exaggerated platform. As much as it could suit many types of golfer, the look could suit young athletes looking for a fresh look in the summer.

The FootJoy Fuel represents a development from the traditional Pro S|L and Premiere models which although they remain popular, may not show the modern vibe that golfers wish for in 2022.

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