Linden Sport-2

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Alex Perry
Tue, 14 Jun 2011

Linden Sport-2

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Looks great and controls very well. Superb price.
Quite loud
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PRICE: £179.99 YEAR: from 2011

First impressions are always important. And the the sleek new Linden Sport 2 electric trolley certainly doesn’t disappoint on this front. It’s a great looking piece of kit.

As you know, I always like to test things like this by seeing how easy it is to set up without the instructions. I didn’t need them. When you pull on the handle, it almost falls into place and sturdy click-locks hold it in place, while the wheels are easy and interchangeable should you want to use it as a push trolley.

I was also taken aback by how light and compact it is. It fit snugly into the boot of my dad’s mid-life-crisis car. Being a strapping young man, I don’t often use a trolley. But I loaded up the drinks and chocolate bars into my bag, and let Sport-2 do the rest. A breath of fresh air.

The Sport-2 design, which stands out from the crowd with its stunning white powder coated stable construction, features a simple digital LED display and control panel to show you what speed you are doing.

Although I found the electronic brake function took longer than ideal to slow down and the motor noise to be rather loud at times, the cruise control and distance functions were flawless, especially travelling up the hilliest parts of the course I tested it on.

In terms of performance, there’s nothing groundbreaking or that will take your breath away. The Sport-2 does exactly what it says on the tin. And that’s just perfect.

At RRP £179.99, this eye-catching trolley offers golfers exceptional value for money – the product also comes free with a golf trolley bag worth £14.99.

Advanced Features

- New ‘Sport’ design
- White powder coated finish
- 2-year Warranty
- Smooth action central clicklock
- Digital LED display and cruise control
- 150w High Efficiency Motor
- Aluminium alloy frame
- Weight 7.8kg (excluding battery)
- Folded size: 78cm x 57cm x 31cm

Battery Kits

For the occasional golfer playing 1-2 times a week

Standard AGM 18AH – 18 hole: RRP £49.99
Standard AGM 24AH – 27 hole: RRP £59.99

For the committed golfer playing 2-3 times a week

Performance AGM – 18 Hole: RRP £69.98
Performance AGM – 27 hole: RRP £85.00

For the professional golfer playing 3 times + a week

LP15 Lithium – 18-27 hole: RRP £199.98
LP22 Lithium – 27-36 hole: RRP: £299.99

For more information on the Linden electric golf trolley range, visit

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