GolfBoard review: surf the turf with the latest craze

Surf the turf with the GolfBoard.

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Tue, 19 May 2015
GolfBoard review: surf the turf with the latest craze


Fun, fast and good for the fitness, the new "GolfBoard" deserves the high praise it is receiving around the world.

Recognised as the hottest new golf product at the 2014 PGA Show in Orlando, the GolfBoard represents the perfect alternative to the golf buggy or trolley, especially if you want to nip around the course in good time.

Essentially surfboarding on the golf course, the user needs little experience of surfing to be able to operate the GolfBoard. It is easy to use from start to finish and can be used by both young and old. 

Loading your bag onto the front of the GolfBoard, you step aboard and use the thumb-throttle to move, selecting "high" or "low" speed depending on what takes your fancy. To brake, you just move the thumb-throttle into the middle.

To move left, the user must shift weight onto the left, and to move right, the user must shift weight to the right. It really is very simple.

Key features:

4 Wheel Posi-Traction Drivetrain - the GolfBoard is driven by gear box at the front and back, rather than unreliable chains and belts, ensuring solid transport even on the steepest hills

4" Turf Tires - specifically made for turf use, providing stability, no-spin traction and less pressure than tires on golf buggies

Speed modes - the "low" speed is a gentle five miles per hour, while the "high" speed has a maximum of 10 miles per hour

Lithium battery - ample power for regular golf course use and has fast recharging times between rounds

Spring Deck - gives the GolfBoard amazing suspension and flex, while still allowing for a secure and rigid mounting location for the lithium battery


While purchasing a GolfBoard is not an option for many of us at RRP £3249 (plus VAT), you can at least rent one at various clubs in the UK such as The Grove and Essendon Golf Club for just £30. 

Of the key benefits to using the GolfBoard, it is hard to look beyond pace of play and improved levels of fitness. 

It is the perfect alternative for early-morning or early-evening rounds when the course is clear, as you can quite easily whizz around in about two hours for a two-ball.

It might not be quite so racy with umpteen fourballs in front of you. 

We found the GolfBoard to be quick and easy to operate and tremendous fun, and it felt great to be able to stretch the back in between shots while swerving left and right.

Of course, the GolfBoard will likely have its detractors at various stuffy clubs around the world, but we think it's a great innovation and something refreshing to see in the golf industry. 

You will likely have a smile on your face when using the GolfBoard, and let's face it, golf is meant to be fun after all. 

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