Mashie M3 (20.5 deg)

Innovative Gliderail sole, 30gms lighter than most utility clubs to help generate more ball speed. Five versions available (in four flexes)15.5-, 18-, 20.5-, 23- and 26-degree lofts. Clubs supplied with sock-style head covers.


As a consistently low ball-hitter, I have struggled to obtain the optimum flight from most models of hybrid. A penetrating trajectory is all very well when you're looking for that accurate lay-up or simply to find the fairway on a tight dogleg off the tee.

But I really want a high, soaring ball flight that lands the ball softly on the green from about 180 yards when the 5-iron is out of range and the 5-wood is too much club.

I reckon I've found it with the retro-looking, no frills Cleveland Mashie. An old-fashioned name with traditional values, this club looks good at address delivers great feel and a ball flight that hardly deviates from the straight and arrow! It really comes into its own into wind.

It's compact, gun-metal head sits compactly behind the ball with no visual distractions and packs the kind of punch and forgiveness mid-handicap golfers demand.

It even performs as a chipping club around the fringe of greens when the putter or belly wedge feel inappropriate.


Having built its reputation on wedges and more lately with its drivers and fairway metals, Cleveland has developed a solid utility that may well convince its star player Graeme McDowell to take it on board. Certainly for club golfers it's a rescue tool well worth trying.

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