RIP Speed irons

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Charlie Lemay
Thu, 14 Nov 2013
RIP Speed irons
A decent iron for middle to low handicappers with an outstanding price tag. Good feel and workability on offer.

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Good feel, easy to work, great price
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PRICE: £279.99 YEAR: from 2013

Designed to benefit the confident golfer, who wants to shape shots more easily and increase control. The higher centre of gravity rewards crisp accurate ball striking with a penetrating ball flight and the soft 431 Carbon Steel maximizes feel and feedback to the golfers hands.

The Speed line of clubs from Benross follows a simple pattern. RIP Speed for the low handicappers, HOT Speed for the middle handicappers and MAX Speed for high handicappers and beginners.

I was excited to therefore get my hands on what could be describes as Benross’s player irons, the RIP speeds, as I wouldn’t normally associate Benross with premium clubs aimed at better players.

On first inspection you realise that this isn’t a player iron in the true sense of the word. It is a cavity back, not a muscle back, has a medium sized top line and sile and with the long irons you can catch a glimpse of the cavity.

Despite not looking like a sexy blade, it still looks attractive enough with a simple black and silver finish and the cavity gave me confidence at address.

After hitting the RIP Speed irons, my initial suspicions relating to the appearance of the club were certified – this is not a player iron aimed at low handicappers.

It offers up a good amount of forgiveness and while it offers a great feel it’s not the same feel offered by a blade. By no means is this me criticising the club, just me making sure those in the market aren’t confused.

It has a nice springy, soft feel off the face and when struck out the middle it goes a decent distance. It offers forgiveness as well with off-centre hits still going a decent distance.

As well as this it allows users to work the ball with relative ease. I found it easy to work the ball up, down left and right and maintained control of the ball at all times.


A decent iron for middle to low handicappers with an outstanding price tag. Good feel and workability on offer. 

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