588 TT

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 10 May 2013
588 TT
If you struggle to get the ball airborne then the 588 TT will become your new best friend

Need To Know

Hot, springy sensation, yet still maintains its softness; Easy to strike airborne; Good accuracy and off-centre hits travelled better than expected; Value for money
Friendlier looking than 588 MT and Altitude irons but not a true blade as such with its thick topline
Our score:
PRICE: £449.00 YEAR: from 2013

The 588 Tour Trajectory irons are fully interchangeable with 588 Mid Trajectory and Altitude irons so you can build your perfect set. The 588 TT set consists of a constant blade height with progressive blade length to promote more forgiveness in long irons and controlled, penetrating trajectory in short irons.

On first inspection, the Cleveland Golf 588 TT is amuch friendlier looking iron than the 588 MT and Altitude but there is certainly more heft than a true blade here - yet that hasn't distracted a number of Cleveland Golf staff players bagging the TT for 2013. The compact shallow cavity also appears tucked away so it’s by no means off-putting. 

Golf is no fashion show after all, and in terms of feel, the forged face in cast head provided a hot, springy sensation, yet still maintains that element of softness in the shorter irons. It was very easy to feel the head through the swing as all the weight is the clubhead.

Performance-wise, the 588 TT presented me with average distance on solid strikes and straight and true ball striking. Off-centre hits also travelled better than expected.


The TT is about as forgiving as many game improvement clubs out there, provided me with decent control in the wind and easy workability, particularly right-to-left. I believe this iron sits somewhere between the better player and game improvement categories.

Still not the most attractive looking iron with its thick topline but if you struggle to get the ball airborne and want consistent accuracy, the TT will become your best friend. And at less than £500, the TT represents cracking value for money. 

Pro Verdict

On first inspection, the 588 TT has a relatively chunky head for a better player iron. It also has a relatively big flange, so I feel like you may catch the ball a bit heavy off tight lies. The grip and shaft is very light and all the weight is in the head. There’s plenty of forgiveness here to help the mid-handicapper but it wouldn’t be for me as it lacks the hallmarks of a true blade as such.

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