588 CB

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Jun 2013
588 CB

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Classy looks; Terrific feel and control; Easy workability, particularly a draw; Solid distance; Forgiving
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PRICE: £599.00 YEAR: from 2012

Cleveland 588 CB utilises a forged 1025 carbon steel head designed with a Tour-inspired shape and V-sole, thin topline and minimal offset.

On first look, it's a better player's dream. The head isn't too small or too big. It's just right. And the appearance, it's enough to take your breath away with its chrome finish, clean lines and square setup. 

The milled Tour Zip grooves, which push the limits of USGA regulations, provided me with fantastic spin rates across the board. I also enjoyed plenty of playability, ease of launch and moderate forgiveness with the longer irons. 

Controlling the ball, particularly a draw, was simple. The shorter irons perform equally well around the greens, and those half- and three-quarter shots felt easy to execute. They're also incredibly accurate bats when you want one sent straight down the pin. 

Distance is about average, which is perfect, and the feel of the club feels balanced throughout the swing. It also generates decent feedback and a pleasant click at impact as the ball nips off the turf. 


An extremely classy player iron. Looks, feels and plays the way a low-handicapper would expect.

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