John Letters TR47 driver review

What do we make of the TR47 driver from John Letters?

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Wed, 8 Apr 2015
John Letters TR47 driver review

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Name: John Letters TR47
RRP: £149
Loft options: 9.5, 10.5, 13 and 15 degrees
46" Stock shaft: UST Mamiya V2

Key features

  • The premium 15-3-3-3 titanium face - regarded as one of the finest Beta Titanium’s available - provides additional ball speed

Looks: The head and shaft combination of black and blue worked particularly well and the "JL" logo provided perfect alignment. There was perhaps a bit too much glare over the crown, though. Tester's comment: "The head looks much too closed at address."

Feel: Both testers were not particularly keen on the standard rubber-style UST grip, which felt a little too thin. The driver delivered a crisp, compressed crack when striking one out the centre. Tester's comment: "Surprisingly good feedback."

Performance: Down the pecking order for forgiveness but it contested in terms of distance. Although both testers struggled with their opening few drives, hitting well offline, the TR47 eventually behaved itself with drives travelling in the vicinity of 260 yards. The ball flight was particularly high, however, and there was not much run out. Tester's comment: "Decent distance given its value."

Verdict: BRONZE

At half the price tag of many of the drivers featured in our 2015 test, the John Letters TR47 driver certainly looks a suitable option for the casual golfer who is not willing to splash the cash. It is not the most forgiving driver out there but it is long enough to get excited about.

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