Masters 2014: Rickie Fowler's PUMA Golf apparel

PUMA Golf reveals the five outfits Rickie will wear at Augusta National

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Tue, 25 Mar 2014

Masters 2014: Rickie Fowler's PUMA Golf apparel
Rickie Fowler's Masters outfits: Wed-Sun

PUMA GOLF has revealed staff player Rickie Fowler's outfits ahead of The Masters next month.

Fowler will take to the light blue for the par-3 contest on the Wednesday, before mixing in with the hallowed turf of Augusta with neat light green and white apparel on Thursday, incidentally with a vizor rather than a cap, before embedding himself with the azaleas on the Friday.

Should the colourful 25-year-old American make the weekend, he'll be dubbed down with a purple and grey outfit for Saturday, before yes, you guessed it, sporting his traditional Sunday orange and white. You may need to adjust your television sets if he slips on the famed Green Jacket late that evening, however.

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Golfmagic has teamed up with PUMA Golf to kit four of our members out in new PUMA Golf apparel at Mannings Heath Golf Club the week after The Masters on Thursday April 17. Stay tuned for a video of the day to see what our four members thought of their new apparel.