Mizuno M.CRAFT Putter Review: Gorgeous design and a soft feel

Mizuno has long held a reputation for crafting the very finest golf clubs and the Mizuno M.CRAFT putter line follows very much in that tradition.

Mizuno M.CRAFT putters review
Mizuno M.CRAFT putters review
Premium design; fantastic weight; soft feel

Mizuno, who are widely regarded as one of the foremost iron brands in the game, has returned to the putter market with the Mizuno M.CRAFT putter range.

As you'd expect from Mizuno, the putters place a premium on design and they look incredible, but how well do they perform?

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Mizuno M.CRAFT putter - Key features

Mizuno has long held an enviable industry and tour-wide reputation for crafting the very finest golf clubs and the first edition of the new M.CRAFT putter line follows very much in that tradition.

Forged from premium 1025 mild carbon steel, then CNC milled to create the most precise shape and alignment, the M.CRAFT putters will be available in March 2020 in three initial classic shapes.

The M.CRAFT I is a square back with mid slant neck and max toe-hang, suited to an exaggerated putting arc. M.CRAFT II, is a classic heel-toe putter with plumber’s neck and mid toe-hang, matching a moderate putting arc and finally the M.CRAFT III is a face-balanced mid-mallet delivering stability for golfers with less putting arc.

All putters in the M.CRAFT range are forged and CNC Milled from 1025 mild carbon steel for incredible precision and feel, while deep face milling creates a softer feel and pure roll.

At 355 grams, each putter head promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke; However an additional weight kit that includes two 3 gram weights and two 13 gram weights, which can be interchanged with the 8 gram fitted weights, allows each M.CRAFT putter to be adjusted to a variety of putting conditions.

Each head style is available in three stunning finishes: Classic White Satin, bold Blue ION and intense Black ION.

M.CRAFT putters feature a Nippon Original shaft, Lamkin Deep Etched Full Blue cord grip and come with a premium patch M.CRAFT cover in Mizuno’s classic staff colours and emblazoned with the leather M.CRAFT mark.

Mizuno M.CRAFT putter - Looks and Feel

After testing both the M.CRAFT 1 and M.CRAFT 2 putters from Mizuno, it's safe to say that the brand is well and truly back in the putter market.

Not only do both putters look fantastic, but they performed extremely well too.

Due to the CNC Milling, the putters have a very soft feel at impact and the ball rolls smoothly off the face.

Mizuno M.CRAFT putter - Performance and Forgiveness

The weight of both the M.CRAFT 1 and M.CRAFT 2 helped keep the stroke consistent and smooth, fantastic for both long and short putts.

The fact that you can change the weights in the putters makes them even more personal which a lot of golfers are going to like.

There's nothing worse than loving everything about a putter but the weight feels a bit off to you, as it will completely put you off purchasing it, but with the new Mizuno putters, that isn't a problem,

If you feel like the putter is a little too light and you want a touch more stability on your stroke, then change the weights around and make it heavier, it's that simple.

Should you buy the Mizuno M.CRAFT putter?

With an RRP of £249, the M.CRAFT putters are going to appeal to a lot of golfers searching for a new flat stick.

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