New: ECCO Biom Golf shoe

Ecco's latest golf shoe is out, so lets take a look

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Fri, 28 Jun 2013

New: ECCO Biom Golf shoe

The new ECCO Biom golf shoe is the latest of the Biom series following the Women's Biom Hybrid and the Biom Hybrid.

The shoe combines three elements: anatomically designed to fit perfectly, moisture-absorbent leather lining, and superior performance and stability.

The ECCO Biom is designed to adapt to any terrain on the golf course with it's anatomic design while staying dry and fresh with the moisture-absorbent leather lining.

It's also developed with the eight Q-Lok cleats, which are the six-pronged set of eight spikes found on the sole of the shoe, designed for extra stability.

ECCO builds their brand on the innovative new spike rubber technology, called the ECCO Performance Rubber (EPR), which is said to deliver extra durability and grip on any terrain.

I will be playing at least five rounds of golf wearing the ECCO Bioms, using them on as many tough undulating courses as I can find for a comprehensive review. I'll report back in a month.

If you're looking to buy the ECCO Biom's, the current RRP price is £185 and ranges in sizes from UK sizes 6-14.5.

Let us know if you've tried and tested these shoes in the comment section below.

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