Odyssey Toulon 2022 Putter Review: Customised weighting for supreme performance

The Odyssey Toulon 2022 putter, with its diamond-milled pattern on the face and improved forward roll at impact, is a highly impressive release that's a legitimate rival to the Scotty Cameron model.

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Matt Chivers
Sun, 16 Jan 2022
Odyssey Toulon 2022 Putter Range Review | Serious Scotty Cameron Rival?

Need To Know

Lovely diamond-milled face; stiff shaft for ultimate feel and stability
At £379.00, it may be outside of many people's budgets
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PRICE: £379.00 YEAR: from 2022

Odyssey brought out four putter models in 2022, and the Odyssey Toulon is a seriously impressive release, slotting straight into our pick of the best golf putters on the market.

This putter has emerged as a competitor for the immensely popular Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Newport 2, and for good reason.

Alex is using the Las Vegas iteration in the review below and it is packed with new technology and refinement.


Odyssey Toulon 2022 putter - Key Features

  • Diamond-milled pattern on the face with full grooves: promotes a soft connection with your golf ball
  • Customised weighting: means you can tailor the club to all of your putting stroke's idiosyncrasies

Player Level

The £379 price tag is the biggest indicator of who the 2022 Toulon putter is for. If you're prepared to dig that deep into your pocket, we'd say that the soft connection, improved forward roll at impact and customized weighting are amongst the best we've ever experienced.

Odyssey Toulon 2022 putter - Looks and Feel

The Toulon family is known for its midnight black finish. The craftsmanship is clear with this model and it has been tried and tested on the PGA Tour for several years.

The milled finish is very aesthetically pleasing, and it also feels comfortable when making your stroke. 

It's available with eight refined heads, a black emerald Stroke Lab shaft and customised weighting.

Odyssey Toulon 2022 putter - Performance and Forgiveness

The putter is very forgiving and the face technology provides an improved forward roll at impact. It is a reliable and steady club.

In terms of the black emerald Stroke Lab shaft, the weight has been reduced by seven grams and the shaft has also been stiffened.

In this way, every angle of this new putter has been covered.

Should you buy the Odyssey Toulon 2022 putter?

The Odyssey Toulon model has been associated with 38 global professional wins, and counting, for good reason. 

With its diamond-milled pattern on the face and improved forward roll at impact, it's a legitimate rival to the Scotty Cameron model, and some would argue that it leaves it in the dust. 

However, £379 is a serious amount of cash to stump up for the privilege.

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