MP A306

A top-quality putter from Mizuno with one of the best feels on the market.

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 27 May 2014
MP A306

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Great feel, nice appearance
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PRICE: £169.00 YEAR: from 2014

MP A-Series putters combine a lush black IP finish with a bevelled white top edge to make their classic shapes easier to align. MP Series putters are forged from mild carbon steel, then CNC milled to ensure exact alignment and a flawless profile at address. The CNC milling process allows the face thickness to be tuned for the perfect feel. A consistent roll is enabled through a further milling to process to apply simple score lines to the face.

I really like the slanted neck on theA306. I find it provides the A306 with some significant toe hang, which will suit a strong-arc player. The deep finish frames the ball nicely and emilinates glare issues out in the sun.  

One of the best feeling putters I have hit in 2014, primarily down to the CNC milling process. I experienced a solid, yet soft feeling and pure rolling putter. A nice, comfortable WINN grip helps reduce hand action through impact.

This flat stick is solid from close range. Few putts finished short of the hole. There's a consistent, pure roll on offer, however, the grooves on the Mizuno MP A303 are more modest than many grooves on the market. Milled directly into the mild carbon steel head, the six grooves are not as deep as some other putter brands even though they produce a good balance of feel and performance.


A top-quality putter from Mizuno with one of the best feels on the market. 

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