Metal X 2-Ball

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 29 Jul 2013
Metal X 2-Ball

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Consistent, true roll; great weight, alignment aid and comfortable grip; excellent confidence over short putts
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PRICE: £100.00 YEAR: from 2013

The new Odyssey Metal X 2-ball putter is all about consistent, true roll, on top of terrific feedback and feel - something we're very much now accustomed to with this brand of putter.

The oval dimples in the face are designed to create faster forward roll on the ball and to reduce the surface area of the face by nearly 50%. This characteristic felt like it really softened the sound at impact. I enjoyed nice little pop time and time again. 

The aluminium-urethane face insert removes 73g of weight from the face and that deepens the centre of gravity.

I must admit the 2-ball appearance of a putter has never really appealed to me. Don't ask me why, but I just think blades suit my game better. Little did I realise what I'd been missing out on all these years when wielding the Metal X in standard length last week. 

In terms of appearance, I'm a big fan of the black finish against white alignment aid. This makes putting incredibly easy to align and stand over the ball with confidence. The high tech finishing produces a durable Midnight Black Finish and that helps to reduce unwanted glare over the ball.

I also love the head shape, overall weight and comfortable grip. 

Confidence with the putter from short range was up there with some of the best I've tested this year. I didn't feel like I would miss. Okay, I missed one of ten from inside six feet! Pace putting was equally special between 20 and 30-feet. 


If you're in the hunt for a new mallet putter, look no further than the Odyssey Metal X. It ticks all the right boxes from feel, looks and performance. 

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