Review: Adams Golf XTD Driver

We test out the only driver in the world to feature Cut Thru Slot Technology

Review: Adams Golf XTD Driver

ADAMS GOLF re-defined the driver manufacturing process with its XTD Driver by testing each head four times to ensure the hottest permissible face within USGA rules and the tightest tolerance in golf.

XTD is the only driver to feature Cut-Thru Slot Technology, aiding face flexion and an expansion of the sweet spot to promote maximum ball speed on off-centre and on-centre strikes. Progressive thickness face (centre is the thickest, perimeter is the thinnest).

True to Adams’ heralded aerodynamic shaping, there are neither engravings nor sharp edges to slow the club during its swing. Face, loft and lie can be adjusted up to 1.5° via the hosel.

I love the look of the fresh matte grey finish to the crown. It wasn't exactly the sunniest day out on the range but there was no glare at all during the testing when the sun decided to pop out. Red shaft works well with darkened crown finish. Giant slot at the front of the crown was a little odd but I grew to like it.

In terms of feel, I enjoyed very solid ball striking across the board, but there wasn't the greatest amount of feedback at impact in relation to other new drivers I've tested.

Performance-wise, XTD does a job. Hot, high and on the whole, straight, with preference for a slight draw. Not the longest I've tested but very forgiving as reflected by a relatively narrow offline dispersion.


A real fairway finder, and despite not being the longest, it's long enough - testament to just how far drivers in 2014 really travel.

Loses a little distance because of a higher ball flight from the Cut-Thru Slot technology and therefore has a little more backspin and less roll out.

The rather profound slot won't appeal to everyone but I can see it working for guys who struggle with alignment on the tee.

The dark head against red shaft does work well. Not quite as impressive as last year's Super S, which won our 2013 Drivers Test, but I wouldn't put anyone off.

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