Review: Adams Idea Hybrid Iron

Is the new 270-degree wraparound slot as revolutionary as Adams suggests. We seek to find out...

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Fri, 22 Nov 2013

ADAMS GOLF says it's changed how irons perform with revolutionary wraparound slots in its new Idea Hybrid Irons, generating higher ball speeds and more forgiveness.

Extensive research from Adams revealed that golfers with 15-plus handicaps make the majority of contact nearly ½” toward the toe, not on the club’s sweetspot. These new game-improvement irons are therefore specifically designed to enhance the face speed in the area where those players need it most.

Compared to the brand's Idea a12 OS Hybrid Irons, Adams explained to us how the New Idea Hybrid Irons provide 44% more ball speed on off-centre hits and 24% more ball speed on flush shots because of increased flex from the unsupported faces.

Golfmagic says...

On first look, the Adams Idea Hybrid appears a little chunky - but I guess that's to be expected for a hybrid iron. Placing head in palm of glove, I could see how the rather eye-catching 270-degree slot wraps right around the head. I love the new Adams logo and sketched-style numbering on the sole. Perhaps there's just a little too much glare on topline, though.

I also like the look of the channel placed in the topline, as well as in the sole and toe, as it inspires confidence at address and gives you the peace of mind that there is some additional help at setup.

In terms of feel, I could feel the face flex at impact as balls shot up off the face and into the sky. The True Temper Dynalite 85 shaft and heavier, bulbous clubhead will work wonders for the beginner. There's an effortless high trajectory on offer here.

In true Adams hybrid style, I loved the soft, rewarding sensation on centre impact and balls felt like they were being bullied off the face due to the substantial mass behind it.

I don't usually get excited about grips but the Adams grip here is a beauty. A real grip and rip feel to it.


Most importantly, though, performance is where this club really shines. I enjoyed a ridiculously high launch from this club but that's expected given the slightly higher lofts than the norm. I barely needed to put a swing on it to get it airborne. Perhaps flight was a little too high at times, though. Then again, for some, a lack of distance in return for higher ball flight and accuracy may appeal.

The new wraparound slot design certainly creates a trampoline-style effect off the face and the channels in the topline, sole and toe area create terrific forgiveness on those squiffy hits due to the enlarged sweetspot on offer. Not a great deal of workability but a decent offline dispersion pattern. About normal carry distances with a 6-iron, but much higher launch angles and spin rate than I'm used to seeing. Pleasing to the eye, just runs out of gas.

Andy - 6i


Spin rate

Launch angle






A club better suited for the high capper. Down the shorter end for distance in comparison to some other GI irons we've tested this year but very easy to hit high and straight. Ideal for someone just starting out the game or for the game improver seeking a much higher ball flight, particularly with the long irons. Better players that tend to prefer the more penetrating flight and workability of long irons over hybrids will want to look elsewhere.

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