Review: Bridgestone Tour B330-S ball

What did we make of the ball as used by Memorial champ Matt Kuchar?

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 3 Jun 2013

Since being custom fit for the Tour B330-S, I have achieved a remarkable 14-yard gain on my driving distance and a much higher and straighter ball flight. This therefore goes to highlight the importance of playing the correct ball to maximise performance.

According to my Bridgestone Science Eye Field data, driver backspin with this 4-piece Urethane ball has increased slightly, yet pleasingly, side spin has reduced and that appears to be aiding much straighter drives.

Having used this ball for the past few rounds now, I feel like my performance both from the tee and around the greens is improving week by week because the B330-S - as used by Memorial champion Matt Kuchar - is much lower compression and just generally feels like it stays on the clubface longer.

The core of this ball is also creating more velocity because energy is travelling quicker into the core. Launch angle might be a little higher than I'm used to, but I like it, and it by no means detracts distance. 

I am also experiencing vastly improved traction with this new ball, most notably with full wedge shots from inside 100 yards and greenside bunker shots. And during some tricky windy rounds, particularly in early April, the Dual Dimple design helped me hold the ball on my desired trajectory through the breeze.

On the putting surface, the Tour B330-S is simply one of the softer balls out on the market and I felt like the ball stayed on the putter face longer too, because of its soft feel.

If there is one slight negative, it's that I found the dual dimple surfacing is a little off-putting at first.


While I would recommend you get custom fit with Bridgestone Golf to identify the correct ball for your game, if you fall into the Tour B330-S category like myself, you will unlock hidden yards as well as gain tremendous short game control.

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