Review: Kasco Cool Fit glove

What did we make of the latest effort from Kasco?

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Tue, 22 Jul 2014
Review: Kasco Cool Fit glove

WITH the recent heat wave engulfing the UK, a glove named Cool Fit seemed apt.

It would be a big task for the glove as my sweaty mitts were often overheating in my standard leather gloves so I was keen to see whether it could live up to the hype.

The appearance is straight down the line, nothing too outrageous. Available in both black and white, it has an understated appearance that will appeal to the no-frills golfer who just wants a glove that does the job.

The Velcro closure and elasticated wrist ensures the glove stays fastened while playing and I was impressed by the comfort on offer. It hugs your hand in all the right places without restricting performance.

While it’s not the softest glove I have ever used, it does have a nice feel to it thanks to its Neo-Flex material.

However, the main advantage of avoiding a spongy, uber-soft material is it lets your hands breath and doesn’t collect moisture.

The Coolmax knuckle insert maximises airflow and it meant my hands stayed the perfect temperature.

The Digital Pad increased friction between glove and club and maximised the grip on offer and it held up well after multiple rounds.

At no point did I find that the glove rubbed or caused any irritation which is a tall order on a hot day when glove and moisture often combine to cause issues. 

For a brand that isn't in the limelight all that much, it's an outstanding offering. 


For the price this is a great glove. Perfect for those hot summer days when you want to keep your hand as cool as possible.

RRP: £13

Head to the Kasco website for more information