Review: Titleist 913H

What did we make of the new Titleist hybrid?

Review: Titleist 913H

The 913H is one of the smartest looking hybrids I've tested this year. Yet that's hardly surprising given it’s Titleist.

On first inspection of the 913H - suited for the better player - it has a slightly smaller head and deeper face than the 910H. I think it’s a much nicer, rounder shape with the white grooves on black face. I also like how there is minimal offset on offer.

The SureFit hosel, which allowed me to make independent loft and lie adjustments, looks much less chunkier down by the ball, too, and the squarer leading edge is another nice touch.

In terms of feel, I received a terrific sound at impact and solid feel off the face. I really felt like I was able to compress the ball at impact. 

Performance-wise, I enjoyed above average distance, improved accuracy and decent forgiveness on off-centre hits.

The 913H is probably ideal for the better ball striker, however, as it won't save all of your misses. With five strikes on the range, using ProTracer technology, I generated an averaged carry of 202 yards, distance of 217 yards, and offline distance of just six yards. 

The adjustability helped me mask a lot of ball flight deficiencies but I would certainly recommend you get yourself custom fit to find the correct loft and lie combinations, as well as ideal shaft specification.


One of the top performers out there. It’s versatile, long and pin-seeking straight. Workability is equally simple. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge for the 913H, I’d recommend you get yourself custom fit at one of the Titleist National Fitting Centres dotted around the UK in order to get the most out of this club.

I was recently custom fit for the Titleist 913H at the Titleist National Fitting Centre, click here for more.

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