Review: Yes! i4-Tech Callie putter

Will Callie be as responsive as the other latest Yes! putters? We take it out for a drive

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Fri, 1 Nov 2013

Review: Yes! i4-Tech Callie putter

The i4-Tech Callie is the latest blade cavity back from Yes!, the brand that only produce putters.

Yes! claims its £120 i4-Tech Callie, like the i4-tech Stephanie, has been designed to better the Moment Of Inertia (MOI) for ultra stability when hitting any putt.

As seen on the grooves on the clubface, the i4-Tech, just like the rest of the Yes! range, is fitted with the brand's patented C-Groove 2.0 technology, which it claims provides soft-responsive feel and unparalleled control.

Similarly to the Stephanie, there's a polymer white groove on the back which is said to provide greater accuracy and the Tungsten weighting on the heel and toe which Yes! says gives it added stability.

The current top of the range blade putters such as the Nike Method Core MC02w or the Rife Iconic Z have both been reviewed in our ten of the best putters feature.

Despite currently playing with an Odyssey White Steel (semi-mallet), I have always enjoyed blades, with my first putter being the Ping Anser - one of the original blades.

So I used the new Callie C-Groove on a full round at a championship course to see if Yes!'s new blade lives up to the hype.

From the first putt, I felt at home playing with the Callie, instantly noticing the perfect weight distribution of the club head, allowing me to swing very straight.

For blade putters this has always been an issue but the Tungsten Weighting, combined with the polymer line aid makes aiming and swinging the putt very natural.

As with the Stephanie, the C-Groove technology on the face gives the ball a true roll. I rarely missed high or came short on the distance and steep gradient putts.

At 358 grams, only 4 grams shy of the Stephanie mallet, the Callie has a very heavy clubhead for a cavity blade, which I see as a positive and I noticed this gave it great stability especially over the 6-footers.

As you can see in the photographs it's a very classic shape with the bronzed colour giving it a real class feel at address.

If purchasing this putter you can get it from 30-36inch shafts so whatever your posture, it can suit your style.


The putter's pure roll and soft feel combined with the classic blade cavity head really worked for me with distance control and alignment.

At £120 it's a cheap top-end putter but still delivers class results on the greens. If you're blade-putter inclined I feel this club will certainly improve your game.

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