Srixon Z H45 hybrid review

Srixon Z Series hybrid offers perfect combination of forgiveness and launch from all types of lie

Andy Roberts's picture
Tue, 18 Nov 2014

Srixon is back with a bang after a brief hiatus from the European market.

Having already impressed us with its new Z 545 driver, Z 545 and Z 745 irons, we were curious to see if the Z H45 hybrid designed for players of all abilities could live up to the Z Series line.

On first look at the new Z H45 hybrid with eye-catching Z logo on the sole, the silver face and black gloss crown are nicely differentiated, with a confidence-inspiring pear-shape head. It is not too bulky like a fairway wood or too thin like a utility.

In terms of feel, it is great to see a comfortable, red Lamkin UTx grip as standard. Lots of companies are now starting to apply much better grips to their clubs, in particular Srixon, and it is great to see. The MRC Kuro Kage Black HBP 70 shaft also feels great in the hands and is easy to control through impact. The shaft and clubhead combination is very well balanced.

The sound at impact has a light ‘ping’ to it that is not too loud or too dull, aided by the "ultra-hot maraging steel cup face", and this offered ideal feedback on squiffy hits.

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When it comes to performance, the Z H45 hybrid that I was testing out in 19-degree (also available in 16- and 22-degree) is consistently forgiving and easy to get airborne. It is not the longest hybrid I have tested this year, despite the new Dual Speed Technology, but when it comes to choosing a hybrid I feel ball striking, trajectory and forgiveness are much more important facets.

Srixon says the centre of gravity has been moved lower in order to gain a more penetrating launch and higher ball flight, but I was obtaining more of a mid-high trajectory with a rising flight and ideal soft descent.

If it is workability you are after, it is probably best to look elsewhere. While relatively easy to hit my desired fade, I was struggling to promote a draw.

Striking balls from the intermediate rough it is easy to see why Srixon screams about "smoother turf interaction". The classy clubhead glides effortlessly through the first cut of rough and gets right into the back of the ball before popping it airborne.

Forgiveness is certainly the key feature to this club. The club has been designed, as with all the new Z Series woods, with thinner heel and toe portions to create a larger sweet spot that is up to 35% larger than the previous generation. In all honesty, it is harder to miss the sweet spot. Put a solid swing on this easy-to-control Z H45 hybrid and you will be rewarded more often than not.


Srixon Z H45 hybrid is designed for players of all abilities but I would recommend this more for the game-improvement player. It is not the cheapest new hybrid on the market at £190 but if you are after a consistently forgiving hybrid that is easy to control, aids superb turf interaction from all types of lie and oozes class down at address, then you will likely be thrilled with your purchase.