TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review: one of the most forgiving putters of all time

GolfMagic reviews the stunning new TaylorMade Spider S Putter in Chalk White. 

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review
TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review
It fills you with confidence on short putts thanks to its level of forgiveness; it has a beautiful soft feel at impact; its very easy to line up with the cup
A little pricey perhaps

Spider TaylorMade Putter - Key Features

  • Pure Roll Technology: helps your ball stay on line more consistently
  • Multi-Material Construction: it contains a high grade 6061 aluminium body with a tungsten bar at the rear and weights in the sole to make it really forgiving 
  • KBS Black Stability Shaft: ensures less deflection and a much more consistent stroke

This brand new Spider TaylorMade Putter in Chalk White represents our favourite ever model in the company's acclaimed Spider franchise, and it goes by the name of the TaylorMade Spider S. 

Now if you are after a mallet putter offering the ultimate in stability and forgiveness, then look no further than this high-MOI mallet design. 

It's been out for a while now though, so if you're looking for one of the latest new Spider TaylorMade Putters then we encourage you to check out our latest feature on the best golf putters you can buy. 

Player Level: 

This Spider TaylorMade Putter is worth considering if you seek greater forgiveness and consistency with your putting stroke. It's also one of the best feeling putters we have experienced from the brand, so if that's important to you then you'll want to check it out. 

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review: one of the most forgiving putters of all time

TaylorMade Spider S Putter - Looks and Feel

The looks - especially in the Chalk White colour we tested - are as a strong as anything we have ever seen in the successful Spider franchise before. It's also available in Navy. 

This TaylorMade Spider Putter possesses a Tour-proven Pure Roll Insert that makes a beautiful, soft, pop sound at impact that keeps you coming back for more. 

With the Spider S Putter, the company has opted for a thicker 5mm surlyn insert designed for better sound, feel and roll characteristics.

Its square-frame putter head is outfitted with two 48g tungsten sole weights that are strategically placed on the toe and the heel to help stabilise the putter while also optimising CG location.

A heavy tungsten backbar is used to further customise swing weight based on the length of the putter.

Coming in 55g, 65g and 80g units, the backbar at the rear of the putter is designed to influence head weight and feel. The heaviest weight (80g) pairs with the shortest putter length (33 inches) and vice versa.

The feel of the KBS Black Stability Shaft also aids it in the feel stakes, ensuring less deflection at impact and providing you with a much more stable stroke through the ball. 

In terms of alignment, the putter frames the ball perfectly with its three-line system and hole in the middle. It makes lining this putter up a piece of cake. 

The stock SuperStroke grip aids comfort, and worked nicely for our pencil grip. 

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review: one of the most forgiving putters of all time

TaylorMade Spider S Putter - Performance and Forgiveness

This Spider TaylorMade Putter's combination of advanced materials and square shaping promotes high MOI for increased forgiveness and consistent roll on strikes across the face.

With an MOI of 6,000-plus, Spider S offers the most forgiving performance of any model in the Spider franchise.

This Spider TaylorMade Putter is manufactured from high-grade 6061 aluminum and 100-percent machine milled for precision shaping, and this helps provide you more the forgiveness you need on those short putts. 

We noted an incredibly smooth roll thanks to the Pure Roll Insert technology packed into this putter. 

The TaylorMade Spider S Putter was remarkably solid on short putts from inside of six feet, and we noted terrific distance control of putts struck from outside of the 30-foot range. 

The same could be said of the newer TaylorMade GT Putter, which has really impressed us this season. 

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review: one of the most forgiving putters of all time

TaylorMade Spider S Putter Review: one of the most forgiving putters of all time

Should you buy the TaylorMade Spider S Putter? 

This Spider TaylorMade Putter is one of the most stable and forgiving golf mallet putters we have ever tested, aided by its tungsten sole weights and heavy backbar. It's incredibly easy and comfortable to align and it possesses one of the smoothest rolls you will ever receive from a premium TaylorMade Golf Putter. You receive fantastic feedback in terms of the sound at impact, and can really tell when you've caught one out the sweetspot. It's perhaps a little overpriced at £299, but can you really put a price on holing more putts and shooting lower scores? 

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