TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Review: "Incredible looks, superb feel"

Check out our review of the brand new TaylorMade Spider GT Putter. 

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Mon, 9 May 2022
TaylorMade Spider GT Putter Review: "Incredible looks, superb feel"
Incredible looks, superb feel

Need To Know

Great looking mallet, frames the ball superbly well; terrific feel; consistent and true roll; very forgiving
It's the complete premium putter but that comes at a price; the standard grip might not suit everyone - we prefer a slightly larger grip on our putter but that is personal preference
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PRICE: £329.00 YEAR: from 2022

If you call yourself a serious golfer, chances are you will have used one of the putters in the legendary TaylorMade Spider franchise at some point in time since their inauguration in 2008. 

Spider putters have evolved tremendously in recent years, especially in 2022, but at the same time each and every Spider model has possessed incredible feel and performance. 

For this season, the new Spider GT family consists of four innovative designs, each of them offering distinctive qualities.

You have got the GT, the GT SplitBack, the GT Notchback and the GT Rollback, all of which have been constructred with a fluted feel shaft that is a newly engineered stability putter shaft with a softer section 5" from the tip. 



Each of the new putters also benefit from a PureRoll2 insert that is slightly firmer than past Spider putters. It is constructed from black TPU Urethane and it contains silver beams running at a 45-degree angle to improve the levels of topspin at all points on the face. 

For this particular review, we are focusing on the Spider GT in its striking Red finish, and we would have to say it's our favourite and headline model from the new Spider family. 

The putter features a beautiful modern wing design with sharp angular features, and it just frames the ball superbly well at address. 

Lightweight aluminium has also been used to construct the main body of the putter, with a 145g top plate added to eliminate excess weight in the middle of the putter. This creates extreme perimeter weighting and provides the golfer with unmatched forgiveness. 

There are also three different hosel options available, a small slant (21° toe-hang - ideal for strokes with a slight arc) a single bend (face balanced – ideal for straight back, straight through strokes) and a centre shafted (face balanced) 




Steel side weights (80g on each side) have been added to this putter in order to create a heavy frame for maximum stability and distance control.

TaylorMade adds that 18% of the weight of the head is located in the middle which helps to stabilise deflection on off-centre strikes - and that was evident during testing. 

From close range, we were holing putts with regularity, making 7 out of 10 from inside of six feet. We then moved to 12 feet on the same line, a relatively straight putt, and we drained 5 of 10, which was again very pleasing. 

We also found our distance control was particularly strong on those putts from outside of 30 feet. Of the 10 putts we struck from this distance, only two of them finished outside the three-foot circle, and we holed two of them. 


  • The Modern Shape of Stability - Extreme Perimeter Weighting & Sharp Angular Features
  • Top Plate With Short Sightline - Eliminates Weight In The Middle Of The Putter & Enhances Stability
  • Steel Side Weight Construction - Stabilises Deflection On Off Centre Strikes
  • PureRoll-2 Insert - Improved Topspin At All Points Of The Face
  • Fluted Feel Shaft - Enhanced Feel, Stability & Improved Dispersion


Incredible looks, superb feel, true roll. 

The new Spider GT putter is without question right up there with our favourites of all time when it comes to a Spider putter. 

Some of you might be a little put off at the price tag at over £300, but this is a fantastic premium putter that will help you hole more putts and also dramatically improve your distance control. 

And can you really put a price on lower scores? Much of that will likely be down to how seriously you take your golf. 

We consider it to be great value for money when you put everything into account. There is so much forgiveness on offer here. 

The standard SuperStroke grip is very comfortable but we would probably prefer to stick a larger grip on it just because we prefer the feel of an oversized grip but feel is of course very much personal preference, as too are looks. 

There is plenty of choice in the new Spider GT family so we highly recommend you take a closer look at one of them this season. You will not be left disappointed. 

If you get the chance to use a Spider GT putter this season, we would love to know what you make of it, so come and leave your comments over on our latest Spider GT putter review on YouTube here: 



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