TaylorMade TP Collection Juno Putter review

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Thu, 11 May 2017
TaylorMade TP Collection Juno Putter review

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Classic looks, new insert, heaps of feedback
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PRICE: £199.00 YEAR: from 2017

TaylorMade TP Collection Juno Putter review

In TaylorMade’s TP Collection – standing for “Tour Preferred” – the brand are catering for the golfer that wants more of a classic looking putter, rather than the oversized mallets made popular by staffers Jason Day and Sergio Garcia.

And it doesn’t get more classic than the Juno – we headed to the Shire London to test it out.


From the top, a very classic blade, but with modern twists on the underside. Weighing can be seen on the bottom with some subtle graphics. The insert is visible on the face.

Overall, this is a stunning putter.

TaylorMade TP Collection Juno Putter review

Feel and sound

A new TrueRoll insert has been implemented, inspired by the one used in Day’s flat stick.

It is still made from 6061 aluminum, but a new polymer is used to make it softer.

Up against other putters, you would have it middle of the pack on the “soft feel scale”, and it provides heaps of feedback.

It has a crisp click at impact.

TaylorMade TP Collection Juno Putter review


A well balanced putter, that helped us keep a smooth tempo through impact. The two 10g weights on the underside aid this, and we also found it helped up keep the putter face square through impact.

The new insert is meant to get the ball heading end over end faster off the bat, to stop skips and jumps.

The single sight line makes it simple to line up. We were particularly pleased how it performed from distance, helping us lag putts up to the hole, and it also performed well from 10 feet and in, for a blade putter.

The tapered Lamkin grip helped us keen the face square through impact.


A classic looking blade with modern technology built in. Well balanced thanks to weighting, and a load of feedback on offer from the new TrueRoll insert.

TaylorMade are hoping to tap into a new market with the TP Juno, and we can see classic blade lovers enjoying this offering.

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