588 RTX

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Jun 2013
588 RTX

Need To Know

Tested in lovely black pearl finish; Milled RTX pattern aids terrific spin rates; Solid distance; Tight dispersion;
Not as soft as I thought it'd be
Our score:
PRICE: £119.00 YEAR: from 2013

The new Cleveland 588 RTX features large U-grooves that are supplemented with rough, laser-milled scoring lines and a directionally milled Rotex face pattern to maximise spin. The New Face of Spin.

One of the best looking wedges out there right now, as expected from a brand specialising in wedge play. The black pearl finish I tested in 52-degree just adds a sense of flair and appears to frame the ball nicely. It also features a wider sole towards the heel, which becomes narrower near the toe.

Not quite as soft as some of the other forged wedges I've tested this year but it certainly delivers a lively, rewarding hit at impact. It also feels very balanced through the entire swing.

Performance-wise, the 588 RTX is a very solid blade. It generates consistent yardage and an excellent spin rate. The Rotex blade face perfoms like the Zip Grooves of old more than any Cleveland offering has since its extinction, in our book.

Those looking for a wedge that imparts maximum spin on all shots will surely want to give the 588 RTX a try, whether they’ve previously been fans of Cleveland’s wedges or not.


Quite simply, timeless beauty and versatile design for an all-around wedge performance no matter what shot is required. The innovative groove and face technology in Cleveland’s 588 RTX wedge make the club a serious consideration for mid-to-low handicappers. The 588 RTX CB version will appeal more to the higher capper.

Pro Verdict (Tom Hayward)

I love the weight of this club and how it sits beautifully at address. One of the better wedges out there. Terrific spin rate, easy to hit down the line and handsome looks. It's a versatile club that has all the shots in the bag. The darkened finish, while not something I'd necessarily opt for, is a nice touch especially in the sun as it reduces glare.

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