Wilson Staff D200 driver review

What do we make of the new D200 from Wilson Staff?

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Thu, 9 Apr 2015
Wilson Staff D200 driver review



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WATCH: Wilson Staff D200 driver review

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Name: Wilson Staff D200
RRP: £199
Loft options: 9, 10.5 and 13 degrees
Adjustability: Head can be set in three loft positions and three draw settings
Length: 46" Stock shaft: UST Elements Chrome

Key features

  • New "Reactive Face Technology" increases the size of the face to provide more forgiveness on heel and toe strikes
  • "Right Light Technology" saves weight in a number of different areas to increase clubhead speed

Looks: A little bland in appearance, both on the sole and crown, but the silent alignment aid worked nicely. The crown and face is distinguished well and it sits fairly open at address. Tester's comment: "Golf is not a fashion show."

Feel: The D200 is very lightweight and also a little longer in length, but it did not prove uncontrollable. Both testers received some of their fastest clubhead speed in the test. Tester's comment: "Sound at impact was sweet on centre hits, but very tinny on off-centre hits."

Performance: By no means contesting for any long drives but it proved to be one of the easiest to hit straight down our target line. Both testers also found it easy to draw. The adjustability is simple with its six-way hosel and although it launched higher than the majority of drivers in this test, spin remained low and where we wanted it. Tester's comment: "One of the most accurate in the test."

Verdict: SILVER

The new Wilson Staff D200 proved very easy to hit straight, work to the left and easy to adjust. While not the longest in the world or necessarily the nicest to look at, it certainly represents good value for money at £200. 

For more information visit www.wilson.com/golf