Tommy Fleetwood cracks joke about Scottie Scheffler's new putting coach

England's Tommy Fleetwood had a cheeky response when asked about Scottie Scheffler's new putting coach at the 2023 Ryder Cup in Italy.

Tommy Fleetwood cracks joke about Scottie Scheffler's new putting coach

Tommy Fleetwood joked Scottie Scheffler's new putting coach is up to no good at the Ryder Cup

In case you haven't heard Scheffler has been struggling with the flatstick all season. 

His statistics elsewhere are simply remarkable. We're talking Tiger Woods dominance. But getting the ball in the hole when on the dancefloor appears to be a problem. 

And so the 27-year-old American has been tinkering in recent months. 

At the Tour Championship Scheffler, who traditionally uses blade-style putters, tested out a TaylorMade Spider mallet putter.

Scheffler now appears to have gone back to old faithful in Rome, a Scotty Cameron, and - per Barstool Sports' Dan Rapaport - he's been working British putting guru Phil Kenyon. 

Kenyon will be offering his insights and thoughts to players from Team USA and Team Europe.

So how will Kenyon feel this week with a foot in both camps? Englishman Fleetwood had a cheeky response:

"Well, that's what the Americans think."

He added: "You know, like Phil is somebody that's very close to me from Southport. I've known him for a long time and always very supportive of, you know, his career as well as my career.

"Yeah, nobody really makes it very difficult. He's doing his best for his players, of course he is, and then when we're out there on the golf course, Phil is there, supporting them in their careers."

Fleetwood continued: "Playing a team event this week, I would never wish poorly on anybody, and I'm glad that Phil has the opportunity to work with someone like Scottie and help him along in his career.

"Yeah, hopefully his putting takes another week to really get hot but you know, still, it would be great, and I think we all love playing against the best players in the world, and we would like to play them on their best form. You know, it's just great, and I think it's an amazing experience for coaches as well as players."

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