FIVE driving range mistakes made by amateur golfers

In this video, Alex from GolfMagic talks through the five biggest mistakes we see on the driving range.

FIVE driving range mistakes made by amateur golfers
FIVE driving range mistakes made by amateur golfers

We all spend time on the driving range, but how we use our time whilst we are there differs from player to player and regardless of what you're trying to achieve, there are five mistakes that a lot of people make on a regular basis.

Not everyone enjoys their time on the driving range and prefer to improve on the golf course rather than the range, but whether you're a 20 balls kind of golfer or 100 balls, it's important to make your time as beneficial as possible.

In our latest YouTube video, our equipment editor Alex talks you through five common mistakes that we see every golfer make. So how many of these are you making whilst at the driving range? Watch the video to find out...




#1 - Warm Up

Golf is a sport that requires physical movement, so even though you're not about to run a marathon, it's important to warm up properly and get your body ready for the more explosive movements that bigger clubs require. So even if you're main goal is to work on your driving, start with your wedge and work your way up to loosen your muscles, making you better equipped to hit the driver once your body is warm.

#2 - Set a Goal

If you're just hitting the driving range with a couple of friends then setting goals isn't as important, but if you genuinely want to improve your game, head to the driving range with a goal in mind to work towards.

#3 - Drills

One of the beauties about being on the range is that you're not scoring your golf. So if you have a goal in mind, then the use of training aids and coaching drills are going to help you when you get back on the golf course. Don't be afraid to take training aids with you to the driving range.

#4 - Feedback

In order to improve, you need to know if what you're working on is actually improving your game. Foot spray can be really useful on the driving range, as it gives you feedback on where on the clubface you're hitting the ball. In the modern era of golf, we also have access to incredible technology such as launch monitors, so every so often, try and use one so you can understand your data better.

#5 - Consistency 

Life can be busy so we don't expect anyone to be able to hit the driving range every day, but going through your drills once a month is not going to help you improve. Try and work on them as often as you can and this can even be without actually hitting golf balls. Lots of golfers benefit from just swinging their golf club in the garden and going through their drills in the comfort of their own home.

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