Anthony Kim after question about his LIV Golf contract? "Would make you jealous"

LIV Golf's Anthony Kim has revealed he wants to highlight stories of resilience and persistence for his followers on the platform X.

Anthony Kim
Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim refused to discuss details of his LIV Golf contract as he announced he will be active on X going forward. 

Kim was the talk of the golf world in March when he came out of retirement after 12 years in the wilderness.

The cult hero has now played in three LIV events alongside one appearance on the Asian Tour. 

Despite recently giving us a little bit of insight as to where he has been, there is one question that remains unanswered.

And that is details of his LIV contract. 

One X user asked Kim about this after he told his followers he wanted to 'highlight stories of resilience and persistence'. 

He tagged his post #mentalhealth. 



Someone should perhaps remind Kim that being more active on the cesspit that is X may not be healthy for his mind. 

"Since we're on the golf topic," wrote user 'Ron', "Are you able to discuss your LIV contract?

"Most other sports it's made available to everyone."

Kim responded: "Oh little Ronnie. I don't wanna share the details of my 'bad decision' think it would make you jealous. 

"You just keep typing away in the basement friend."

Kim left a little wink emoji for the user. 

Anthony Kim
Anthony Kim

Where has Anthony Kim been?

Kim faced the media on US soil for the first time since announcing his comeback on 2 April. 

Before LIV Golf's event in Miami, Kim was involved in a remarkable news conference. 

He refused to divulge the full story of what his life has been as he is saving those details for a documentary. 

But he did reveal:

  • He did accept an insurance settlement after his last PGA Tour event in 2012, but he won't discuss the details
  • He's had multiple surgeries, including a spinal fusion like Tiger Woods
  • He lived so lavishly and partied so much he doesn't remember periods of his life
  • His life finally had purpose in 2022 when his daughter, Bella, was born
  • He never loved golf and only in recent months has he started to fall in love with the game
  • Scam artists took advantage of him
  • He was unaware Brooks Koepka won back-to-back majors
  • He was only vaguely aware of Tiger's 2019 Masters win
  • He was told by doctors, ominously, that he 'didn't have long left'
  • He lived in a house that, at one point, had six dogs and two monkeys

Kim is due to tee it up with LIV soon at their sixth event of the 2024 campaign in Adelaide. 

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