Brooks Koepka daggers LIV Golf teammate: "I've tried!"

Brooks Koepka has doubled down on his criticism of his LIV Golf teammate Matthew Wolff ahead of the breakaway tour's $50m team championship.

Brooks Koepka daggers LIV Golf teammate:

Brooks Koepka says he's 'tried' to help struggling LIV Golf teammate Matthew Wolff but now 'it's past its point'. 

Koepka launched a bizarre, out of the blue verbal attack on his LIV teammate hours before the breakaway tour was due to tee off in London last July. 

The PGA Championship winner said despite Wolff's obvious talent it was 'wasted' as he accused his Smash teammate of giving up in tournament rounds. 

"It's very tough to have a team dynamic when you've got one guy that won't work," Koepka previously said. 

For his part, Wolff said the public criticism was 'heartbreaking' and 'beyond disappointing'. 

"This has been quite difficult for me," he said. "My challenges on and off the golf course with my mental health has been well documented. I deal with those challenges every day."

It appeared things haven't got any better between the duo ahead of LIV's $50m team championship at Trump National Doral. 

Koepka, who took a cheap shot at Wolff before winning in Jeddah, doubled down on his criticism. 

The American, 33, said he doesn't speak with Wolff very much, if at all, now. "We don't have much interaction, no," he said. 

A reporter asked: "Is that a shame, as a captain? Don't you think you should?"

Koepka replied: "I've tried. I've spent majority of the beginning of the year trying to help and trying to figure that out. But I think it's past its point. I've tried. I've been very open on it -- with it, and sometimes you can't help people that don't want help." 

The five-time major champ was speaking in the same press conference where Phil Mickelson claimed he expects another wave of PGA Tour stars to join LIV Golf in the postseason. 

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