LIV Golf team championship prize money, payout info

LIV Golf team championship prize money: Take a look at the payout info for the 2023 LIV Golf team championship at Trump National Doral.

LIV Golf team championship prize money, payout info

The season-ending LIV Golf team championship carries a total prize purse of $50m. 

That means the winning quartet at Trump National Doral will scoop a mega $14m. 

Dustin Johnson's 4Aces side claimed the inaugural team championship 12 months ago. 

The venue has remained the same and the team championship will be played over 20-22 October on the iconic Blue Monster course. 

It's important to note each of the 12 LIV Golf teams will receive a different prize amount based on their finishing position.

Of the total amount, 60 per cent of the money will go into the team's account, while each player on the four-man roster will receive 10 per cent of the remaining portion.

That means for the $14m first-place prize, the share is $8.4m. Each member will subsequently receive $1.4m. 

GolfMagic has listed all of the payout information below. 

If you're wondering what the format is for the LIV Golf team championship, it is match-play for Friday's quarter-finals and semi-finals. 

Unlike last year, when just the four top teams competed on the final day, all 48 players among the 12 teams will be in action Sunday, with every score counting.

LIV Golf team championship prize money:

WIN -  $14m, player share: $1.4m

2. $8m, player share: $800,000

3. $6m, player share: $600,000

4. $4m, player share: $400,000

5. $3.25m, player share: $325,000

6. $3m, player share: $300,000

7. $2.75m, player share: $275,000

8. $2.5m, player share: $250,000

9. $2m, player share: $200,000

10. $1.75m, player share: $175,000

11. $1.5m, player share: $150,000

12.  $1.25m, player share: $125,000

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