Everyone is making the same Kevin Na joke ahead of LIV Golf Houston

Golf fans were quick to point out this trick-shot played by Kevin Na in the LIV Golf locker room was the fasted he's ever played.

Kevin Na
Kevin Na

LIV Golf players have once again caused a stir for their behaviour in the locker room. 

During a rain delay in Singapore it was Patrick Reed that received a fair bit of criticism for trying - and failing - to execute a flop shot.

Reed annoyed golf fans as, surprisingly, the former Masters champion bladed his attempt straight into the ceiling. 

Some accused Reed of vandalism

Before LIV Golf Houston, there was more tomfoolery. 

This Kevin Na was filmed trying to hit a red cup that was placed on the crotch of his Iron Heads teammate Danny Lee. 

Na managed to pull off the trick shot, drilling the cup out of Lee's hands. 

Watch the shot here:

One sarcastic golf fan on X wrote: "That's the fastest he's ever taken a shot." 

During his PGA Tour days, Na was blasted for apparently playing far too slowly. 

Another joked: "The LIV innovations never stop."

This user added: "Remember, these guys want OWGR points."

LIV Golf Houston is the breakaway tour's eighth event of their 2024 campaign. 

Na's Iron Heads are rock bottom of the league table, having only amassed six points. 

On the individual leaderboard, Na is 20th out of 53 players. 

There is no doubt Na has been frustrated with his performances on LIV this year. 

The American had a complete meltdown during LIV's stop in Adelaide

He dropped multiple F-bombs in an explosive rant that ended with the golfer smashing his golf bag. 

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