Greg Norman 'sat down with top, top PGA Tour player in his house'

But the PGA Tour player in question refused to accept LIV Golf's latest offer...

Greg Norman
Greg Norman

Greg Norman has revealed he recently 'sat down with a top, top PGA Tour player in his house' but the player in question refused his offer to come and join the LIV Golf League.

Norman, 69, made the admission while addressing the recent shock rumours that Rory McIlroy was heading to LIV Golf from the PGA Tour

Speaking to a pool of reporters ahead of LIV Golf Adelaide this week, the LIV Golf CEO explained how a leading PGA Tour star needed a couple of days to consider his options after being 'impressed' with what LIV Golf was all about. 

Norman said: 

"It's understanding the facts of what LIV represents and what LIV can deliver on a global basis. It's up to you to determine.

"I've sat down with one top, top PGA Tour player in his house, with another member of my team, and walked him through the whole process.

"He was so impressed. He said 'well that's not we are told in the locker room, this is really impressive'. He made the decision, he called me up two days later and said 'I've decided to stay where I'm at'. 

"I said 'happy days, you made a decision on fact, if you're happy over here, fine, stay there. The door is always open and if you want to come back and have another conversation with us, happy to do that."


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