Jon Rahm talks Ryder Cup "risk" and what Seve would say after joining LIV Golf

Jon Rahm believes late great Seve Ballesteros would be supportive of his decision to join LIV Golf. 

Jon Rahm talks Ryder Cup "risk" and what Seve would say after joining LIV Golf
Jon Rahm talks Ryder Cup "risk" and what Seve would say after joining LIV…

Jon Rahm believes he is taking a "risk" of not playing in future European Ryder Cup teams after accepting a giant fee to join the LIV Golf League.

Rahm, 29, officially confirmed his status as a LIV Golf League player when speaking to the media and then sitting down to chat with Fox News on December 7. 

The World No.3 admits the biggest hurdle in his way of joining LIV Golf was the potential for being ineligible to compete in the biennial Ryder Cup match between Europe and the United States.

Rahm has played in the last three Ryder Cup matches and he has been on the winning side twice, including most recently in Europe's five-point victory in Rome. 


As it stands, those on the European team are not permitted to compete in the Ryder Cup - however, things could and probably will change following Rahm's call to join LIV Golf.

In fact Rory McIlroy has already asked the DP World Tour and Ryder Cup Europe to urgently change the rules to ensure Rahm is on the team at Bethpage Black in 2025. 

Nevertheless, Rahm knows he is taking a risk by having signed a multi-year contract on LIV. 

Jon Rahm holds Ryder Cup fears

Jon Rahm talks Ryder Cup "risk" and what Seve would say after joining LIV Golf
Jon Rahm talks Ryder Cup "risk" and what Seve would say after joining LIV…

While Rahm would not reveal his signing fee during his Fox News interview, it has been reported by the Telegraph that Rahm has accepted in the region of £450m, which equates to around $550m. 

On the biggest hurdle to overcome in his decision to join LIV Golf, Rahm replied: 

"I can confidentally say it's the Ryder Cup.
"I couldn't talk to anybody about it so, I don't know what going to come of it.
"I’ve explained many times how much the Ryder Cup means to me.
"I hope that I can be involved in future editions of the Ryder Cup."

But Rahm then openly admitted: 

"What they [LIV Golf] had to offer was worth the risk of maybe not playing a Ryder Cup."


As for what was worth the risk of missing out on the Ryder Cup, he replied: 

"The innovation. The difference. Being part of a team. Being an owner and a captain—when I grew up playing golf it wasn’t an opportunity. But it is now, and it’s really enticing to me. I’ve seen people grow and I’m looking forward to hoping making an impact."

Rahm was then pressed on what his childhood hero and late great Seve Ballesteros would have said following his LIV Golf move. 

The Spaniard replied he hoped Ballesteros would be supportive of his decision as he looks to play his part in increasing the popularity of the sport not just in his native Spain but also around the world. 

He said of Ballesteros: 

"I would like to think Seve would support me given where he came from and how he started playing golf, I would like to think he would want the best for me and he was certainly an ambitious man as well, very charismatic, I wish I had a tenth of his charisma. I certainly think he would be supporting me in this endeavour to accomplish my goals. He was certainly a pioneer in his age and his career and I hope I can live up to even half of what he was able to do. I want to leave the game of golf at least in Spain in a better state than when I found it. The great Seve Ballesteros was able to do that from what he started to when he died. The game of golf was very popular as opposed to when he started, so hopefully I can do my part to increase it and if I can do a little bit in Spain and maybe the rest of the world that would be a very successful career, at least in my mind."

What do you make of Rahm's move to LIV Golf? Are you shocked he has left the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf or did you always see it coming? Share your comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels. 

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