Jon Rahm's latest LIV Golf claim ridiculed: "I don't buy this"

Reigning Masters champion Jon Rahm has opened up further on his decision to join the breakaway LIV Golf League for a reported $600m.

Jon Rahm's latest LIV Golf claim ridiculed: "I don't buy this"
Jon Rahm's latest LIV Golf claim ridiculed: "I don't buy this"

There were quite a few takeaways from Jon Rahm's recent interview. 

First and foremost we learned Tiger Woods wasn't too happy with the Spaniard after he decided to join LIV Golf last December. 

Rahm was one of the PGA Tour's biggest stars and was scheduled to take part in Woods and Rory McIlroy's indoor golf league.

We now know Rahm was lured to LIV with an astronomical sum of money despite previously distancing himself from making the leap. 

The reigning Masters champion decided to tell Woods about his decision over text and received absolutely no response

That was expected given Bryson DeChambeau previously revealed Woods stopped replying to his texts after he too joined LIV. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Rahm's ESPN interview was his matter-of-factness when talking about the money. 

"I have the right to do what I think is best for myself and my family," Rahm said

"I've said it before, as a father and a husband I have a duty to set them up as best as possible. 

"Not that we weren't [before], we were extremely privileged people [and I am] aware of that, but it was my duty."

Rahm added: "I don't wanna skip through this point because there is no point. 

"[Joining LIV] was a big way in which golfers get compensated. I would be lying if I said it wasn't a big part of it. 

"In a nutshell, I get paid more to play the same sport and have more time. I don't know about most people, but that sounds great to me."

Rahm's comments drew a mixed reaction on X, with some saying they don't buy his argument. 

"Rahm is going to play 14 LIV events plus four majors," one user wrote, adding: "On the PGA Tour he was playing around 20 events a year.

"It's essentially the same. Plus he's now going to be traveling around the world instead of just the U.S."

Another believed Rahm was being honest and sincere: "It's okay to want to work less and earn more."

What is your verdict? Watch here:

Everything Jon Rahm said about LIV Golf

February 2022

"This is my official, my one and only time I'll talk about this, where I am officially declaring my fealty to the PGA Tour... I have a lot of belief in the product that they're going to give us in the future. There's a lot more to be able to play for besides just money on the PGA Tour. There's history. There's legacy."

June 2022

"To be honest, part of the [LIV] format is not really appealing to me. Shotgun three days to me is not a golf tournament, no cut. It’s that simple. I want to play against the best in the world in a format that’s been going on for hundreds of years. That’s what I want to see."

June 2022

"Will our [his and wife Kelley Cahill's] lifestyle change if I got $400m? No, it will not change one bit.
"Truth be told, I could retire right now with what I've made and live a very happy life and not play golf again.
"So I've never really played the game of golf for monetary reasons.
"My heart is with the PGA Tour. That's all I can say."

December 2022

"If you play good you’re going to end up making money. It's not why I started playing, it's not the reason I play. Money is not really on my mind.
"If it was, I probably might have gone to LIV, right? If money is your goal, that's clearly the path to go down. Every decision I make is to become the best player I can become."

July 2023

"Phil Mickelson...has told me that I have no reason to go to LIV. And he has told me that several times. I laugh when people rumour me with LIV. I've never liked the format."

July 2023

"I just stayed [with the PGA Tour] because I think it's the best choice for myself and for the golf I want to play.
"I already make an amazing living doing what I do. I'm extremely thankful, and that all happened because of the platform the PGA Tour provided me."

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