Patrick Reed files motion to recuse federal judge that denied his 55 claims

Patrick Reed is not backing down despite his complaint being dismissed last month. 

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Tue, 24 Oct 2023
Patrick Reed files motion to recuse federal judge that denied his 55 claims

Patrick Reed has now filed a motion to recuse the federal judge that denied each of his 55 claims against golf news outlets and journalists, following a statement released by law firm Klayman Law Group.

Reed’s defamation lawsuit against Brandel Chamblee, Eamon Lynch, Shane Bacon, and several other golf journalists and golf news outlets was dismissed by a federal judge on September 27. 

In court filings, Reed's attorneys argued the defendants were involved in 'calculated, malicious, false and reckless attacks' that caused major damage to his reputation. 

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Reed, who now plays on LIV Golf, was memorably accused of cheating during the 2019 Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. 

He also faced another scandal during the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. 

In recent years Reed has also been accused of being dishonest in his college days. 

In dismissing Reed's complaint, the judge stated the media treatment he receives seems over the top but he 'failed to bring actionable defamation claims'. 

The judge said:

"While Reed may be frustrated at the negative media coverage he receives (some of which seems over the top), under Florida law and the First Amendment, Reed fails to bring actionable defamation claims and his cases therefore must be dismissed."

"I guess I'll cancel the check for eleventy billion or whatever his latest demand was," wrote one of the defendants Lynch, who has repeatedly called out the golfer for 'sportswashing' since he joined the Saudi-backed LIV Golf League

English Tour pro Eddie Pepperell then ripped into Reed on Twitter

But fast forward little more than a month, and Reed's team is coming back for more. 

According to a release that was sent out by Reed's law firm on October 23, the former Masters champion and now LIV Golf star has filed a motion to disqualify the Honorable Timothy J. Corrigan, the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Middle Distruct of Florida, over his "biased conduct on dismissing 55 defamatory publications by the likes of Brandel Chamblee, Eamon Lynch, Shane Ryan, Shane Bacon, Damon Hack, Doug Ferguson and others in the coopted pro-PGA Tour golf media who have severely harmed Mr. Reed and his family and his team, all in an effort to also damage LIV Golf."


Here's a look at the rest of the statement sent by Klayman Law Group: 

The motion to disqualify Judge Corrigan is based on an extreme prejudged mindset to deep six these cases, by wrongfully taking away from the jury the right to determine whether Mr. Reed had been defamed. Among the defamatory statements were attacks on Mr. Reed as a habitual cheater when in fact he has never been found to have cheated, as well as his playing professional golf on the LIV Golf Tour, where he and other top LIV players have been branded and smeared as murderers, takers of blood money, terrorist sympathizers and being employed by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Putin, when in reality he simply plays professional golf on a tour financed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund.  
In this regard, scores of American companies and interests are so financed, with companies such as Apple, Boeing, Disney and others benefitting from Saudi investment, as does the LPGA women’s tour. In his zeal to dismiss all fifty-five (55) defamatory publications, a factual and legal impossibility, Judge Corrigan refused to allow the jury to make any determination and unlawfully arrogated to himself these determinations across the board. He did so based on a prejudicial bias against Mr. Reed and LIV Golf in favor the PGA Tour and its hateful and  dishonest yes men such as Chamblee, Lynch, Ryan and Ferguson, who set out upon the conception of LIV Golf to destroy it and its top players such as Mr. Reed.
The motions to recuse Judge Corrigan and to have the case assigned to another jurist to review and correct the biased findings and allow these cases to proceed are embedded below and can also be viewed at
Larry Klayman, Esq., legal counsel for Mr. Reed, had this to say upon filing the motions:
“It goes without saying that for Judge Corrigan to take it upon himself to dismiss all fifty-five (55) defamatory statements without even allowing the jury to rule on even one of them, something was terribly wrong. This can only be the result of bias and prejudice. As shown in the detailed motions his factual and legal reasoning was so off base and wrong, and his administration of the cases so one sided and prejudicial, that any reasonable person would have to reach this conclusion.
"Based on the motions, Judge Corrigan must now recuse himself and assign the cases to another jurist in the Middle District to reconsider, set aside the dismissals and allow these cases to proceed, so justice can now be done in an unbiased and fair manner, as my client, his family and team have been severely harmed by the coopted pro-PGA Tour dishonest jackals in the fake news golf media” who sought to destroy Mr. Reed for ratings, clicks and profit, causing him  huge financial damage, emotional distress and loss of reputation and good will."

The 2023 LIV Golf League season concluded on Sunday night with Reed's team, the 4Aces, finishing fourth out of 12 teams. 

Bryson DeChambeau's Crushers were crowned season champions following a two-stroke victory in Miami.

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