Revealed: What Anthony Kim told Greg Norman before joining LIV Golf

Anthony Kim says he's not playing LIV Golf to collect cash and made up the numbers as he opened up on his hectic life after leaving the PGA Tour in 2012.

Anthony Kim
Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim says he's not taking part in LIV Golf events to simply make up the numbers. 

Kim made the claim during an interview with The Age ahead of the circuit's event in Adelaide

The stop in Australia represents Kim's fourth appearance with LIV since coming out of retirement. 

Kim stepped away from the PGA Tour in 2012 after suffering an injury to his Achilles. 


What followed was years of wild speculation about what happened to him and why. 

It was rumoured he had accepted a multimillion dollar insurance payout.

Kim has now confirmed that was true before LIV Golf Miami. But he says he's not allowed to discuss the specifics. 

He did, however, entertain The Age about the impact his disappearing act had within the golf community. 

“I was so far removed from golf I didn’t know it was that big of a deal,” Kim told the publication. 

Kim, 38, added: "There was one instance, I didn’t have social media back then, where I got 200 messages of me taking a picture with a guy at a breakfast shop with my dog.

“I guess people started sending that on social media, and it became a viral thing. 
"I was so confused because I was just having breakfast with my wife and dog. 
"It’s something we do all the time. For people to think that’s a big deal, I didn’t understand it.
“Now that I’ve got clarity, it’s super humbling for people to even give a s---.”
Anthony Kim with daughter Bella
Anthony Kim with daughter Bella

Kim's game has steadily improved with LIV but so far the numbers aren't flattering. 

He has finished 53rd, 50th and 53rd in the 54-man fields. 

There is no doubt he is being handsomely rewarded to be with LIV. 

But he contended that he's 'not here to be another one of the guys'. 

"I think about it [winning again] every day; I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t," he said. 

"That’s not the person I am. When I had the conversation with Greg about certain expectations. 

"I told him, 'I’m not here to be another one of the guys. If you want me to be, I shouldn't be on this tour’. 

"He sees some ability in me, but he wanted me to manage my expectations because there’s a lot of good players. I’m not here to be finishing 20th, 30th, 40th or 50th. 

"I’m here to start competing for tournaments, and with some hard work and a couple of good bounces, I’m sure I’ll be there."

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