Desperate Olympic hopeful Cameron Smith calls for LIV Golf change

Cameron Smith has floated a different idea than Jon Rahm for LIV Golf as he opened up on his desire to get to the 2024 Olympic Games.

Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith has called for the LIV Golf League to think about expanding their schedule even further. 

Smith spoke to reporters before making his second appearance Down Under with the breakaway tour in Adelaide

One of Smith's peers, Jon Rahm, and LIV commissioner Greg Norman chose to discuss the league's format earlier in the week. 

Rahm reiterated his stance that changing the format to 72 holes instead of 54 would potentially help golf fans 'trust' LIV.

Whereas Norman, aside from discussing Rory McIlroy and his recent excursion to Augusta National, believed Rahm 'hit the nail on the head'.

"It's a great conversation to have," the two-time Open champion, now 66, said. "We will continue to have that conversation going forward."

Smith sees things a little bit differently. 


He wants LIV to think about having a 'more international' schedule whereby each team could host an event. 

Currently, LIV's 14-event schedule sees the rival league playing five tournaments in the United States.

The remaining schedule was filled with stops to Mexico, Hong Kong, England, Singapore and Australia.

“I think the Australian fans are pretty hard to recreate around the world," Smith said. 

"But you just pick a city or a country that I guess hadn’t seen good golf for a long time.

“It worked last year. It’s going to work again this year here. 

"I can see it definitely working internationally a lot better than the US because there’s just so many tournaments in the US."

Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith

Smith's Olympic dream hangs in the balance

The Olympics are fast-approaching and Smith is 'desperate' to represent his nation. 

But he has a problem given that he is currently number 62 in the world rankings.

He was inside the top-five when he switched to LIV after his 2022 Open win. 

But as a result of LIV not being accredited by the governing body has seen his ranking tumble. 

Smith's Open win, while sensational, had no impact on his Olympic selection. 

"It’s desperately a place that I want to get to and represent Australia," he told the Guardian. "I have to play well to get there. 

"I know I have to play well, and I’m probably only going to get three or four shots at it before they make the selection. 

"I guess it is more pressure."

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