Ryder Cup legends in hot exchange over golf appearance fees

Padraig Harrington hits out at Ian Poulter over golf appearance fees: "I can't tell if he was value for money"

Ryder Cup legends in hot exchange over golf appearance fees

Padraig Harrington and Ian Poulter have been discussing the topic of appearance fees in light of Fred Couples' hot take about PGA Tour stars such as Jon Rahm only joining LIV Golf for the money. 

Harrington and Poulter got involved in the debate about appearance fees on social media after reading golf journalist Alistair Tait's latest column on 'The Height Of Golf Hypocrisy'.

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Tait took aim at Couples' comments about players only wanting to join LIV Golf for the money, comparing it to a time when the 1992 Masters champion only turned up at European Tour events back in the day because he was being paid to be there. 

Couples ripped into LIV Golf earlier this week following Rahm's shock £450m move to the Saudi-backed league. 

Ryder Cup legends in hot exchange over golf appearance fees

Couples said if LIV Golf was really that good then players would be willing to compete in the breakaway league for free - rather than accepting hundreds of millions.

That irked Tait. 

In response to Couples' comments, Tait penned in his latest article: 

"Is this the same Fred Couples who turned up on the European Tour for large appearance fees? It surely is. You don’t think Couples played in numerous Dubai Desert Classics because he enjoyed the charms of strolling through the Gold Souk? No. Freddie was there for the money, along with other top players, Europeans included. Pretty sure he never went to Dubai for free, or other far flung places around the world.
"Funny how Freddie and others never sat in a press conference and said: “I’m only playing this week because they’re paying a nice, big fat appearance fee. I’d much rather be at home but the money was just too good to pass up.”

LIV Golf player and former European Ryder Cup hero Poulter than tweeted he would be happy to disclose information about his own past appearance fees on Tour. 

"Alistair it’s amazing how some have short memories. I’d be very happy to make public every penny of any appearance fee I’ve made through my career. Then wouldn’t it be interesting to really see who is in a position to spout from their high horse."

Poulter's tweet then piqued the interest of three-time major champion Harrington, who hit back with: 

"Go for it. I’m curious for one. Forget politics, I’m nosey. For all those wondering, appearance fees generally require a number of commitments outside of the golf. But one would not happen without the other. From the outside Ian Poulter always looked like he did a great job at appearances but I can't tell if he was value for money until he spills the beans on what his fees were. Don't come back with you go first or I will if you will. We're not six years old."

Poulter's fellow LIV Golf teammate Lee Westwood tweeted he would also be interested to see the numbers, followed by three laughing emojis. 

We await Poulter's next move. 

What did you make of Couples' comments about LIV Golf this week? Is Freddie something of a hypocrite or has he made valid points? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels. 

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