Ryder Cup hero puts Jon Rahm in his crosshairs: "You can see it, can't you?"

European Tour legend and former Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie has given his unflinching take of Jon Rahm ahead of the 152nd Open.

Jon Rahm
Jon Rahm

Former European Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie reckons it's crystal clear Jon Rahm misses competing against the likes of Scottie Scheffler - even if the Spaniard won't admit it. 

Rahm joined the breakaway LIV Golf League in December for a reported £450m ($566.4m). 

He has made a number of headlines since then, such as suggesting he believed his move to LIV might've been the catalyst in resolving peace talks with the PGA Tour

Rahm also turned heads for imploring the breakaway tour to change their format to 72 holes only weeks after joining. 

Although Rahm has stated he felt sadness at missing certain events on the PGA Tour schedule, the 2023 Masters champion has stopped short of saying he regrets his decision. 

Even before last week's US Open, Rahm insisted he was in a 'happy place' when a reporter tried to really grill him on the subject. 

"It's been a wonderful career so far," Rahm said before he hobbled out of his news conference and later withdrew from the major with a foot injury. 

Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler
Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler

GolfMagic's Johnny Percival caught up with the aforementioned Montgomerie to press the Scot for his views on a number of topics. 

Monty claimed Rory McIlroy acted 'with dignity' when he stormed out of Pinehurst No.2 following his latest major collapse. 

And he also believes world number one Scheffler is not a box-office player.

When it came to the subject of Rahm, Montgomerie said he's not picking Rahm as one of the favourites to win the Claret Jug at Royal Troon next month at the 152nd Open

"A big part of him says that not just a small part," Montgomerie said when asked if he believes missing competing against Scheffler every week. 

"And his attitude and the way he speaks to the press and the way he hasn't actually said it, he hasn't actually come out and said it, but you can see it, can't you?

"And it wasn't as if he was short of a bob or two before he went to LIV, you know, and I think if there is a regret [it's that] he isn't playing against the best players in the world week in and week out. 

"[Before he went to LIV] you could see the competitiveness in him. It isn't there now. It isn't there." 

Jon Rahm
Jon Rahm

Monty added: "He finished 45th at the Masters, he missed the cut at the PGA Championship and he pulls out of the US Open with a foot injury.

"I mean, he's only got Troon left and you wouldn't put him as one of the favourites, would you? I'm sorry. 

"And yet, a year ago, bloody hell he was right there wasn't he?"

Montgomerie raised one issue. With LIV, you make money when you win lose or draw. 

"It's not the same, sort of, week in and week out grind of learning and getting better and trying to improve," he said. 

"Unfortunately, it's all about the word the dollar. The dollar has taken over. 

"This way of trying to get better in the game and learning trying to beat potentially the best players in the world [has gone]. 

"I think he misses it. He does miss it. I'm not saying he regrets it because his bank balance is full but I think as a competitor he does miss it."

Montgomerie spoke to GolfMagic as part of his work with Loch Lomond Whisky.

Loch Lomond Whisky is the official spirit of The Open.

And Montgomerie has collaborated with the brand to create The Open Special Edition.

Colin Montgomerie
Colin Montgomerie
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