Billy Horschel speaks out about WM Phoenix Open crowd confrontation

Following ugly scenes at the WM Phoenix Open, Billy Horschel has addressed his crowd confrontation and claimed the tournament had gotten a bit out of control. 

Billy Horschel
Billy Horschel

Billy Horschel was forced to confront fans at the WM Phoenix Open and has given his assessment of the moment and the tournament as a whole. 

The incident with a fan happened on the 11th hole at TPC Scottsdale, when spectators spoke loudly during the backswing of Horschel's playing partner, Monday qualifier, Nicolo Galleti.

Having clearly had enough with what he was hearing, Horschel unloaded on the fans, saying:

"Buddy when he's over the shot shut the hell up man, come on, he's trying to hit a damn golf shot here." 
"It's our f***ing job." 

Watch Horschel's heated exchange below

Described by PGA Tour player Ben An as "a sh*t show", the WM Phoenix Open descended into chaos during the week, with drunken fans falling from stands, fighting, urinating in public and diving into bunkers. 

Horschel was not the only player to have to confront fans, with former Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson also having a heated exchange with spectators after he had had enough of the heckling. 

Speaking to SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio, Horschel claimed that there was a complete lack of respect coming from the fans.

"He's (Galeti) was over his second shot, and we've told some fans to be quiet as he was about to hit, and there was three of four guys over there that just continued to talk and say some things. I don't know what was said, but they talked very loudly when he's trying to hit his shot. I just feel like there was a loss of respect there."

Horschel went on to be questioned about whether he believes the Phoenix Open has crossed a line, to which he responded:

"Has this tournament crossed the line? Yeah, I think the last couple of years it's been a little much, and I think it's just gotten a little bit out of control.
"I've seen a plenty of messages, or read a few messages on social media like 'you know what you signed up for, you know if you can't take the heat then don't show up' and look this tournament was never about going there and getting ridiculed from the fans, that was never the idea of this event."

Listen to the full interview here.

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