Former PGA Tour pro concerned about Jon Rahm: "He worries me a bit"

Former PGA Tour pro Brandel Chamblee says he's worried Jon Rahm would be open to the idea of joining the LIV Golf League in the future.

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Thu, 19 Oct 2023
Former PGA Tour pro concerned about Jon Rahm: "He worries me a bit"

Brandel Chamblee says he's worried Jon Rahm is open to the idea of leaving the PGA Tour for the riches of LIV Golf. 

But the former PGA Tour pro, who now is an analyst for Golf Channel, believes Rahm's 'deep knowledge of the history of the game and his obvious future place in it' will be enough to prevent the Spaniard from 'selling out'. 

Chamblee was reacting to Phil Mickelson's latest claim more PGA Tour stars are chomping at the bit to join the rival league. 

Mickelson said the only stumbling block would be the amount of spaces available. "I know it's going to happen," Mickelson said of future defections before LIV's $50m team championship at Trump National Doral. 

Chamblee was quick to point out in his view this is Mickelson's 'hope' to help the six-time major champion 'ameliorate the embarrassment' of his and other LIV players' actions.  

He was referring to the fact LIV's financial muscle comes from the vast Saudi PIF. Chamblee has repeatedly called out LIV players for being complicit in 'sportswashing' the kingdom's global reputation.

"It's inevitable others will join," wrote Chamblee on X. 

He added:

"As I don't think the money/temptation will go away, but there are very few stars that truly make a difference; such as Tiger and Rory and even Rahm… Rahm worries me a bit as he seems open to the idea, but I sense that his deep knowledge of the history of the game and his obvious future place in it will keep him from selling out. I hope that's the case."

While Rahm previously pledged his 'fealty' to the PGA Tour at the height of golf's 'civil war', the 2023 Masters champ hasn't vilified golfers who went to LIV

He is good friends with Mickelson, was quick to congratulate Eugenio Chacarra on his maiden LIV win, has always backed up Sergio Garcia and called for the Spaniard and other 'rebels' to be involved in the Ryder Cup

Rahm was also one of the only high-profile players who claimed he didn't believe golfers on the PGA Tour who rejected LIV offers should be financially compensated after the North American circuit announced the 'framework agreement' with the PIF and DP World Tour last June. 

"I'll be the first one to say, I wasn't forced into anything," Rahm said before the 151st Open as he defended embattled PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan. "It was my choice to stay. 

"Do I think there absolutely must be a compensation? No. I just stayed because I think it's the best choice for myself and for the golf I want to play. We all had the chance to go to LIV and take the money and we chose to stay at the PGA Tour for whatever reason we chose.

"As I've said before, I already make an amazing living doing what I do. I'm extremely thankful, and that all happened because of the platform the PGA Tour provided me.

"As far as I'm concerned they've done enough for me, and their focus should be on improving the PGA Tour and the game of golf for the future generations." 

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