Jordan Spieth denies Patrick Cantlay rumour and tips cap to LIV for Rahm deal

Jordan Spieth has denied Patrick Cantlay is staging a power grab on the PGA Tour policy board as he commended LIV Golf for signing Jon Rahm.

Jordan Spieth denies Patrick Cantlay rumour and tips cap to LIV for Rahm deal
Jordan Spieth denies Patrick Cantlay rumour and tips cap to LIV for Rahm…

Jordan Spieth has denied Patrick Cantlay has maneuvered himself into a position of power on the PGA Tour's policy board, revealing he found the reports "funnier" than the Ryder Cup's pantomime villain did.

Reporting from Sports Illustrated suggested Cantlay, along with Spieth and Tiger Woods, were driving negotiations to ratify the 6 June framework agreement in a way that would only benefit the top players. 

In other words, the rank and file membership would be left behind in any agreement signed and sealed with LIV Golf's financiers, the PIF of Saudi Arabia and potentially some private equity groups. 

Spieth denied this was the case in comments to Associated Press on 9 December and even tipped his hat to LIV Golf for signing Jon Rahm

"It's a nice play by them," he told the publication, adding that he still believes the Tour hold the best hand against LIV. 

The only problem is, LIV Golf know what cards the North American circuit are holding. 

"There's no fact to it," Spieth told AP of Cantlay's alleged power grab. "It's been very collective since I've jumped on. It's not even a thing.

"We're looking for the best outcome for the players as a whole, and it's six persons [as player directors]."

Spieth was alluding to the fact he has replaced Rory McIlroy on the policy board. 

McIlroy resigned from his position in late November, citing personal commitments and family reasons. 

The Northern Irishman has been quoted in the Irish Independent calling Cantlay 'a d---' as he explained they have never seen eye-to-eye.

Jordan Spieth denies Patrick Cantlay rumour and tips cap to LIV for Rahm deal

Of Rahm's decision to join the Saudi-funded breakaway, Spieth put forward an interesting theory about the reigning Masters champion. 

Spieth said: "I don't think for him it was the money. I believe he saw two places that neither one was in a great situation right now, and he said, 'May as well have the money.

"It's a really nice play by them. I think we hold the best hand, but they know what our hand is. It's a nice leveraging tool with everything going on."

It is no secret that LIV have approached all of the top golfers in the world. 

To this point Cantlay and his good buddy Xander Schauffele have remained loyal.

It was previously suggested by Golfweek that Cantlay has been rallying against Saudi investment all along as existing PGA Tour incentives won't benefit him in a way that the continual threat of LIV would. 

Eamon Lynch previously wrote of Cantlay:

Patrick Cantlay, who carries himself with the assurance of a man convinced he'd be a partner at Goldman Sachs if he wasn't merely sporting its logo on his cap, has been trying to rally players against the deal with the Saudis, and against members of the Tour's policy board who architected or support it.
It hardly needs to be stated that his objections aren't based on the morality of dealing with human rights abusers.
Existing PGA Tour incentives won't much benefit Cantlay.
He won't get rich from the Player Impact Program that bonuses stars on fan engagement since the only needle he moves is the gas gauge on his car.
So the logic of Cantlay's coup d'etat is that if LIV disappears as a threat — a likely occurrence under the deal — then players like him have no options, no leverage over the Tour, and no prospects for the lucrative payday to which they feel entitled.

Speith told AP this couldn't be further from the truth and that he found the report of his power snatch "a lot funnier than I think Pat did."

He said: "I believe he's done more for the PGA Tour in the last six months on the board than anyone since Tiger. That's how great he's been for the membership.

"It's like he's the biggest issue and it couldn't be further from the truth."

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