PGA Tour rookie known for Tony Finau spat films (!) rules debacle

PGA Tour rookie Alejandro Tosti was involved in a rules debacle at the Myrtle Beach Classic that got him so annoyed he filmed it.

Alejandro Tosti
Alejandro Tosti

Alejandro Tosti came to the PGA Tour this season as a rookie with wildboy reputation. 

And it's fair to say the Argentinian is so far living up to his billing. 

Earlier in the year he was involved in a tense exchange with Tony Finau over who was to putt first. 

That spicy encounter came a few months after he was pictured sitting down next to the green at the Sony Open with his playing partners still in the fairway as he made a very clear point about pace of play. 


His latest 'moment' saw him get out his phone during the third round of the Myrtle Beach Classic to film a situation that he did not like one bit. 

It's abundantly clear that Tosti feels as though he was absolutely hosed by this ruling. 

So what happened? 

Well, Tosti was playing the par-4 seventh hole when his tee shot landed in a truly horrific lie in the fairway bunker. 

This lie was so grim his golf ball was embedded in the bank of the trap. 

Ryan French aka MondayQInfo on X first reported the exchange, sharing Tosti's video. 

The rules official determined Tosti's ball was embedded inside the bunker and therefore he wasn't entitled to free relief. 

Tosti, 27, clearly disagreed and recorded a video showing the lie and put a vote out to his social media followers. 

'Outside?' or 'Inside?' he wrote. 

Tosti went on to make a bogey and ultimately returned a scorecard for a level-par 71. 

His final round was nothing to shout about and he finished way down the leaderboard.

If you didn't know, this situation is covered under in section 12.1 of the Rules of golf. 

Said rule states your ball is in a bunker when any part of it touches the sand on the ground inside the edge of the bunker. 

The rule adds: "Your ball is also in a bunker if it is inside the edge of the bunker and rests - 'on ground where sand would normally be, or 'in or on a loose impediment, movable obstruction, abnormal course condition or integral object in the bunker'. 

"If your ball lies on soil or grass or other growing or attached natural objects inside the edge of the bunker without touching sand, your ball is not in the bunker."

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