Sorry, how much?! 10 famous golf coaches and their incredible rates

The best things in life are free: but unfortunately golf tuition isn't. Take a look at the game's best coaches and how much they would charge you for a one-to-one. 

Sorry, how much?! 10 famous golf coaches and their incredible rates

If you've ever wondered how much it costs to have the same golf tuition the stars receive then we have some bad news for you: it will cost you a pretty penny and then some. 

It will come as absolutely no surprise to you the coach who has taught arguably the G.O.A.T commanded up to $1,500 per hour. 

We are of course talking about Butch Harmon and his most famous pupil: Tiger Woods

Harmon is now retired from tour life but he still casts his eye over a number of players.

So your chances of persuading the instructor to give you some tips in exchange for some cash are slim to none. 

There are of course a number of teachers out there that revered. So much so, they will charge you a small fortune. 

On this page, GolfMagic has listed some of the very best coaches in the game and their incredible rates. 

Butch Harmon

  • $1,500 per hour

Famously worked with Tiger Woods from 1996 - 2002, when the big cat won his first eight majors.

Harmon, son of 1948 Masters winner Claude Harmon, is probably the most recognisable coach in the world thanks to his television work, although he has since stepped down from those duties.

During his career, he has not only worked with Woods, but also cast an eye over the swings of Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson among others. 

"Sometimes we get so afraid of hitting bad shots, we don't let ourselves hit good ones. That nugget's for free." - Butch Harmon

Hank Haney 

  • $15,000 per day

After Butch came Harmon, who teamed up with Woods for six major titles. They were a duo from 2004-2010.

"My philosophy as a teacher is to teach my students to become their own best teacher by getting them to understand the flight of the golf ball and how it relates to the swing, with emphasis on swinging the golf club on their own correct swing plane." - Hank Haney

Dave Pelz 

  • $20,000 per day

Known for his knowledge on the short game, Pelz's Short Game Bible was a bestseller when released in 1999.

"It's your bad shots and weaknesses, not your strengths that largely determine your scores." - Dave Pelz

David Leadbetter 

  • $3,500 for three hours

Famous for rebuilding the swing of Sir Nick Faldo in the 1980s, Leadbetter has a particular interest in the mechanics and psychology of golf.

He's also worked with Michelle Wie, Lydia Ko, Greg Norman and Ernie Els throughout the years.

"Is there such a thing as a technically perfect swing? If there is, I have yet to see it." - David Leadbetter

Sean Foley 

  • $1,000 per hour

Another of Tiger's coaches, Foley worked with the big cat from 2010 to 2014. The Canadian also worked with Englishman Justin Rose and uses a scientific approach to coaching.

"Sean does not look at me as a golfer. He looks at me as an athlete and from a biomechanical point of view. He is not necessarily wrapped up in what makes a swing pretty. He wants what works for me from a scientific point of view. This is not necessarily the position that everyone strives for, but that is what I like about Sean." - Justin Rose

Chris Como 

  • $3,000 per half day

Como was a relative unknown before Woods decided to hire him as a swing consultant in 2014.

Known as a deep thinker, it was thought Woods favoured Como because of his knowledge of the golf swing and its relation to injury.

It is not just Woods that Como has coached. He previously cast his eye over former Masters champion Trevor Immelman and multiple PGA Tour winner and former World No.1 Jason Day

He now works with Bryson DeChambeau

"When I'm into that world, on the range, teaching, talking golf swings, that's sort of what I do." - Chris Como

Dave Stockton 

  • $600 per hour

A two-time major champion in his own right, Stockton is known as a guru when it comes to putting.

The American has worked with Mickelson and also wrote a bestseller called Unconscious Putting that was released in 2011.

"The key ideas are simple, find your own signature and stick to it, and follow a consistent routine." - Dave Stockton

Peter Kostis

  • $500 per hour

Kostis counts Paul Casey and Bernhard Langer among his pupils - and also taught Kevin Costner to play for the film. 

"You have to understand the golf swing in its total complexities so you can teach it in its utter simplicity." - Peter Kostis

Claude Harmon III 

  • $700 per 90 minutes

Harmon III is the third generation of coaches in his family, and he has already gone straight to the top.

The American works alongside Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson to name just two of his current crop of stars. 

He is currently considered one of the best in the business. 

"The first golf book my dad gave me to read was John Jacob's Practical Golf. For me, he is on the Mt. Rushmore of golf instruction." - Claude Harmon III

Michael Bannon 

  • $500 per hour

Best known for his association to Rory McIlroy, whom he has instructed since the age of eight. 

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