Tiger Woods drops the date of next massive announcement

Living golf legend Tiger Woods appeared to confirm he will announce his 'next chapter' on 12 February after leaving the global sportswear giant Nike.

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Tue, 6 Feb 2024
Tiger Woods drops the date of next massive announcement

A smattering of golf fans believed Tiger Woods missed a trick when he appeared to confirm the date his new apparel line will be launched. 

Speculation has been rife since early January where Woods will end up after the golfer brought an end to his 27-year association with Nike. 

FootJoy, Greyson Clothiers and Malbon were touted as possible destinations but it appears Woods has made his decision. 

And that will be launching his own line with the equipment manufacturer TaylorMade. 

Trademark filings uncovered by the Woods fan account, TWLegion, suggest the brand will be called Sunday Red. 

It is an obvious nod to the outfit the iconic golfer has worn on Sundays throughout his glittering, hall-of-fame career.

Woods took to social media on 6 February to confirm those interested in his next major announcement should keep their eyes peeled next Monday. 

A photograph of the golfer was captioned with: "The vision remains the same. 2.12.24."

It was not lost on some that Woods may have missed a trick by announcing a brand called Sunday Red on a Monday. 

Still, the pending announcement got his legion of fans hyped. 

"Not sure what this is but hell yeah," one X user wrote. Another added: "Let's f---ing go!"

Woods is also set to make his return to PGA Tour action next week. He serves as the Genesis Invitational's tournament host at Riviera Country Club. 

Interestingly, despite Woods winning 82 PGA Tour titles, he has never tasted victory at Riviera. 

You might recall it was at this tournament last year Woods hit the headlines again for the wrong reasons. 

The 15-time major champion was spotted discreetly handing Justin Thomas a tampon after outdriving his playing partner. 

Woods later apologised about the moment that caused widespread offence by saying: "It was supposed to be all fun and games and obviously it hasn't turned out that way.

"If I offended anybody in any way, shape or form, I'm sorry. It was not intended to be that way.

"We play pranks on one another all the time and virally I think this did not come across that way, but between us it was, it's different."

Why does Tiger Woods wear red on Sundays?

Tiger Woods wears red during the final rounds of golf tournaments as a superstition and a personal ritual.

He has stated that he wears red because his mother, Kultida, believes it's a power colour for him, and he has had success while wearing it. 

Over time, it has become a tradition for him to wear red on Sundays, particularly during the final rounds of tournaments

The outfit has become iconic in the world of golf. 

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